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Americans want to reopen there's a hunger for getting our country back and it's happening and it's happening faster than people would think at today's White House coronavirus briefing Mr trump said the nation is seeing big progress in the virus fight all parts of the country are either in good shape getting better in all cases getting better and we're seeing very little that we're going to look at as a superseding hot spot the president says expanded testing is a key component of the new guidelines for re opening the federal reserve will allow much larger number of cities and counties to participate in the lending program it announced earlier this month program initially allowed only ten cities in sixteen counties to participate the nation's top lawyers directing federal prosecutors across the country to be on the lookout for corona virus related restrictions that could be unconstitutional in a two page memo Attorney General William Barr said the justice department would pursue legal action if necessary if prosecutors find state or local restrictions that go too far president trump welcomed the move in some cases perhaps it's too strict he wants to make sure people have their rights and they maintain their rights many states have issued orders compelling residents to stay home with limited exceptions like a central creek for food and other supplies to slow the spread of the virus Greg Clugston Washington lawmakers are eyeing some additional requirements for small businesses in the next phase of the corona virus relief not get clear though whether the next round of stimulus will continue to fund the paycheck protection program Congress has already spent some six hundred sixty billion dollars on the.

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