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Side dishes not rice necessarily here but about beans refried beans you know big time which comedian said he likes refried beans and wants to try a fried beans to see if they're just as good and we're just wasting time was at Mitch Hedberg there ya go all right there I know Mexico which member of the Cleveland Indians in the movie major league could I got back into the majors when he was speaking to clue Heywood who asked why I was back in the majors he told clue Heywood quote could cut the Mexican league this how is it it's not J. Taylor is it I'm gonna give them to you right well Jake Taylor is it really you go back up there but it's not as you want my kids so good so good I want a couple more here yeah let's go let's try this on this now and this is a Mexican pastry made with masa stuffed with meat cheese other fillings its name means chubby in Spanish no because that is a gore deduct that is easy I assume that was something that Taco Bell just made up but no it's a real thing that's kinda what I thought too and in fact my body in high school he he got up hugged his legs sophomore junior year of high school named amber details that's outstanding one more question how many pinatas did the infamous el Guapo have for his birthday celebration in the classic comedy three Amigos twenty ten Yaris yes I'll give you multiple choice was it innumerable pinatas in abundance of pinion has a plethora of bananas for a multitude of pinions I'm going to liberation plethora opinion is what you pay I would just say I have a plethora of yeah this is what well yes you have a brother well known it's been a long time since I've seen that movie but I was just I would not have done it without the the the multiple choice so that's one of the classic line who's okay who are the three Amigos it's Steve Martin Martin short and Chevy and.

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