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One of the things companies forget about they have a lot of learning. They have a lot of health and wellness, and how you, Jackson, call tricks, net promoter scores, and all of these bits and pieces, but one of the things that they haven't done that. We stopped to say is telling you. Hey, take a moment and take stock of your life. Where are you weighed? You WanNa be, and how do we help you get? I'm Dan smolen, and this is the tight rope podcast. We tell the stories of people who are defining the future of work. Our guests walked tightrope away from meaningless toil, and towards work that profound protects the planet empowers people and is fun to do meaningful work. The story said our guest hell and the insights that they provide will inspire you to connect with work and experiences that stoke your passions and make the world. A better place for the future of work is meaningful work. This.

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