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Because you were famous I had i had competition there. Were three there. Were two dudes whom. I knew very well and Partied with and and they both auditioned for scrubs at the studio with me and i still blue. The auditioned man wanted him almost. Got that job. If it wasn't for bill coming out and be like dude. Come on get it together right but it's a lot of pressure because you start auditioning in smaller locations that all of a sudden but this all this all goes full circle because where we're going with. This is the route. I would take to take that girlfriend. I told you about to her job would drop her off on this very same lot so my life came the nookie to bar him on his way. You know there's a side street also that you can turn onto. Took the one on one okay. Yeah it's it's it's boulevard. Actually but he's gonna go to coin. I know there's an sue. The sidestreet over here is coined also next to the freeway and then turns into highland wild. Oh i knew you were talking about you. Know what goes on the side of the freeway left and then you cross over media totally also ballot. The past as my favorite burger in la right now. Wednesday through sunday. On the corner. Of sycamore or sycamore and sunset. Pablo called chris and eddie's they're about to have their first brick and mortar at western and sunset. And they do a smash slider and it's my favorite burger right now side. Note that i will cut out at the episode. Very shout out all of these great breast telling people who don't live in la when they come to la where to go eat out. Here was the spaghetti factory so there are no immediate was. I never been there. What is i've heard. It was like it was literally what it's called the spaghetti factory. Who's the worst tasting spaghetti franchise. So it's all over the place right across from the san diego convention center every year one of the groups of fifty to me. Let's just go to spaghetti factory. Who i'll just get a drink. it's fine anyway. Everything kind of came full circle. Because now i was on the verge of getting a really life changing job and it just happened to be on the very same backlot. Always be in place where you have all of these bad memories and then come back better stronger. Well it's really interesting. There's cert there's some places where i'm like. I don't think i've ever done a movie or project for this for this studio like i've done a paramount job since clueless i think if i if i'm correct and you know warner brothers. I remember i couldn't break. I couldn't get into a one of brothers anything for the longest and the last few things that i've done have been warner brothers but i remember being like driving by 'cause you know how they put the pictures up on the on the sides of the studios. I don't think i've ever been. Maybe i've been in sony thing. Yeah i did a breakdown of it. Was that sony. But you know you drive by and you see all these pictures and you like one day. That's going to be my picture. That's yet to happen until scrubs when we did scrubs and it went into syndication. I remember us being on every fucking bus in new york city. Oo and all my friends being like you're everywhere right now. That was old. Hollywood athletic club right. That is the best place to have a fancy dinner dinner but like event in play pool and everything. But i remember being like. This is the best while. I've made it when the bus drove by. I i remember going to new york and it not dawning on me that i was on the bus until somebody was like. I was sitting in the car with my dad. He looked over and he was like get the he was like. Look at this. And i looked over and it was uh scrubbing in whatever the post three of us where was it. It was in new york like on some street and he and just my dad being like. Wow my son is on a bus. But i was oblivious to it reunited me like i looked over i was. I hate when people do that. Gee sorry reminding us solo. Aren't you a music. This was our our last green. John freaking her last great beautiful movie tutor before pandemic happen. Here's here's a question. Who buys the arc light. Or who buys the ramadan tino does. He's got enough money to do it. Yourself the hollywood landmark so it's protected. They can't get older. They're not saying you down. But i just think it'll be netflix. Show that's that'd be cool. That'd be really cool actually out here. I'm gonna check your okay so check this out. Let me check your total level. It's still high on check. This out does see this right here. Joseph's with is yeah. My first manager ever in the history of being managed was tracey edmonds and this was edmonds entertainment right here where we are and this prompted one night zach and i got to go to the playboy mansion tracey edmonds and we went to kenny. Babyface edmonds was. That thing was like did this was. This was his thing and right here. This used to be a convenience store. That wasn't really a convenience store weeds. Mine for pop up or some a long list. Any none of them got on masks. I know nassar done. I guess look at these people not even six weeks apart. It looks like Oh my god that's seems like responsible and we just passed the hotel cafe which is where a lot of our friends Play music and a great place to see live music. If you come to los angeles this right here. Do you remember this. Joseph's right josette clervoy her. I remember seeing yucca. Spend the rest of my life living on. That's vince. Vaughn in the masterpiece. Made i still say this man to this day. Vince vaughn and Royal family to do another one me too. Because i don't know if enough people saw me i don't know if enough people saw swingers swears i don't know man. Everyone sauce old now. Is it still relevant. Feel the same. Know if you're listening to this and you haven't seen swingers to see swingers and then you need to follow it with me. You stole my van. I don't like you for means. Mike redeem man. So we're on our way to disney law which you can not give tours of the disney law. Not anymore they used to. It's a cool place though. Fun fact about the disney lot built it He was planning to disneyland right next to it but the city was like you're going to make us look like a carney town get out And so that's when they went to Anaheim but as he was building up the lot he region older buildings were earthquake. So being built in the early fifties. You'll if you look at it. All the bricks are made as they shift the kind of like shipping. Hold back into one another wild and won't fall down. Its.

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