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That I've been working with that. Reporting. I'm trying to get it easy where everyone do. So. Menu meeting. I think I've. Okay. Excellent. Thank you. Smart pleasure to run a quick. And so we can take a picture. And then we got do me a favor introduce really quick just so that they know her name. Well, lis having our wages. Kluber Princess on the show next. She wanted to leave. We met her yesterday in just a few minutes. What's let's get going with this and come back in a little bit more introduce we'll with them, but it's radio show, number seventy three. Tri-cities military Affairs Council, and then butts post thirty seven is dedicated to supporting encouraging an advocating for military veteran affairs, northeast, Tennessee as they relate to national defense and economic vitality of the area. TC man is a five one seat three nonprofit organization and are made up of many different organizations, and that's. Teran's of foreign wars. Vietnam veterans of America, the American Legion employer support for guard. Reserve student veterans of America, east, Tennessee State university and many others. Membership is open to any individual firm organization. Please visit our website at WWW dot T. C hyphen M A, C dot ORG. Download.

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