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So you can get the maximum hate with a minimum cost and minimum pollution. Well pollution in the UK has undoubted health consequences forty thousand people are believed to die prematurely each year as the result of exposure to air pollution, these trivial by contrast with those found in other parts of the world. India, for example, has nearly half of the fifty most polluted cities in the world. While scuffle schools top for the U K at fifteen micrograms. Deli comes in at two hundred and ninety two but Allahabad is recorded at three hundred seventeen. An India has six other cities over two hundred the most polluted city in the world is shower in Pakistan at five hundred forty. Once again, we see the developing world suffering the worst consequences as climate change. And with plastic pollution. The Daily Mirror reports that people in the UK are seriously concerned about air pollution. Although this is really an excuse for an article to promote the hill diet neck so a hydrogen powered calm like the bus that are reported only couple of weeks ago. This con- takes an at and cleans it up removing the pm two point five in the PM tens when driven for one hour. They say twenty six point nine kilograms of is purified the same about forty two adults breathe in an hour. It's a hydrogen car with no carbon footprint in use. And it can be Philadelphia five minutes like a petrol car. So no delays or range are two that you might get with an electric car. However, the he'll die so costs sixty five thousand pounds, and there are eleven hydrogen refueling stations accessible to the public in the whole of the United Kingdom. And as I mentioned before if the hydrogen is produced by splitting it from natural gas it releases CO two so the car maybe clean, but the fuel production prices may not be let me also quote from James Spencer of potent fuels. But what about the UK infrastructure needed to meet current road fuel requirements for hydrogen? Fifty billion liters annually also applied six refineries eight import terminals four rail loading facilities six thousand three hundred and fifty miles of pipelines twenty inland..

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