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Atlanta looking a rally trailing the Panthers Big Jeff Well, rich. Let me tell you this. The Falcons were down 20 to 7 at the half. But somehow they've opened up his first half, driving down the field there at the Carolina 28 yard line with a third and nine Todd Gurley has been great. They like the old Todd Gurley, seven carries 103 Arts, including a 35 yard touchdown run. The Falcons did lead this game 76 with two minutes left in the half. And Caroline at their own 43 that teddy want. Birch Worthing completed a screen pass to D. J. Mohr that turned into a 57 yard touchdown after Atlanta went three now Carolina ones and I kid you not a nine play 89 our drive in just a minute and 11 seconds. And ends with Bridgewater hitting Mike Davis. Today, three yard touchdown pass, though it seems mathematically impossible. I'm telling a Davis was 10 yards clear of any other Falcon defender. After Carolina's first possession ended at the Atlanta 48 the next four, the Panthers got to the Elena 21 twice and scored two touchdowns. Teddy Bridgewater 20 of 27 261 yards. And two touchdown passes Atlanta Now attempting to a try a field goal, and it is good. So the Falcons air now down 20 to 10. All right. Thank you, Jeff. Ah, And right now in Kansas City, Harrison Bugger just tied the game with a short field goal at the end of the half 20 for all the Steelers up by a field goal in the Eagles. Let's get more from Jeff Hawthorne. Behind field and we're just starting the third quarter here in Hind field in an interesting game, you know, early on the defense's were in control, but ever since then it's been the offenses. The defense is both teams two of the best hacking team's pride themselves. I'm getting off the field on third down both the Steelers and Eagles each 75% on third down conversions in the first half, and Roethlisberger 15 of 18 123 yards. And a touchdown to change playful, who caught three passes for 54 yards, including that 32 yard touchdown. James Connor, nine carries for 37 yards, and Claypool had a rushing touchdown of two yards. Where the Eagles, Carson went nine of 16 124 yards. Miles Sanders, seven, carries 77 yards and includes a 74 yard touchdown and a one yard touchdown and Travis Pilgrim out of Old Dominion. Five catches for 67 yards. After a slow start, the offenses have been rolling. The Steelers just got the first down as they have the football. 13 43 to play in the third quarter. Steelers 17 Eagles 14. Alright, so close one there and the Texans looking for their first win. That was a close one. Let's check in and get more from Adam Spelling. Rich detective led 10 7 going into halftime. They got the ball first to start the second half. They go. Eight plays 45 yards and kinda Fairbairn kicks a 33 yard field goal. To make this a six point game with 9 26 to play in the third quarter. The JAG to get the ball back and cue and coal ran off a nice kick return for Jacksonville, setting them up with good field position. The Jazz moved backwards, losing nine plays on their first to place of the drive. What? Immersing back garden mention for his third sack of the year, And so the JAG had to punt it away. Detectives have the ball back. 1st and 10 from their own six. They leave this game 13 79 26 to play in the third quarter. All right, so a six point lead right now for the Texans looking for their first win, of course, Bill Bryan, their coach, and GM was fired on Monday. The Jets have had a brutal start to the season, their own four and down big to the Cardinal's. Let's get Mohr. From Mike Mancuso. Okay, which was just about getting set to start the second half The Cardinal's lead the Jets, 17 to 3, Kyla Murray and very good first half 15 of 23 498 yards. Joe Flacco at quarterback for the Jets. He's 10 of 15 for 78 Yards. Libyan Belle returning after missing a couple of games as 44 yards on the ground. Arizona looks to go 32 after dropping too straight. The Jets struggle on offense continue Rich, either. With Flacco trailing seven to nothing. They had a chance Early in the second quarter, They had a 79 yard drive. They drove down to the 14 on third and one They tried running play with Dr on West Go with tight end that would stop on fourth down. They went with it. Laban Libyan bell, he was stopped, jets turned it over on downs. Still then trailing seven to nothing. They had an interception deep in Arizona territory. They drove to the eight yard line, and then they stopped and second, then hitting a 26 yard field goal. So just have had some chances in this game Rich Keep it somewhat close. But then the cardinal's added 10 points after that, last one, so it's 17 to 3 as we get ready to start the third quarter. All right, thank you very much, Mike, and let's get you the schedule. Updates. Right after we check in with Craig Heist in Baltimore because the NFL has made some changes to its schedule have for you in just a moment Revert first years, Craig happened right now The Bengals get a bath for the first time in the second half after the Ravens are went three and out. I don't need this game 17 nothing 13 21 to go here in the third Mark Jackson with a couple of touchdown passes in the game short ones, Mark Andrews and then also the Hollywood Brown. 17 of 3142 yards on the afternoon. Hey, has thrown in the reception, but job, Earl. He's had a tough day for the Bangles 1919 87 yards. Throwing. He has thrown an interception, but he's been harassed by this Ravens defensive front been sacked a couple of times, He last humble eyes Patrick Queen got in from behind and also recovered that fumble. Uh, but that's where we are right now. Ravens in control of the game, but Not looking as sharp on offenses. I know John Harbaugh and also Lamar Jackson like same alright now they lead 17. Nothing early in the third. All right. Thank you very much..

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