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60 dot CBD Rx for you dot com And get back to being you for 53 traffic and weather together. Theseus Maru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes to the south. We've got some woes, Michael Yeah, We certainly do Ben, yet 95 south especially bad this afternoon. It's well stop and go from mile or so coming down from 93, then jam from Mechanic Street most of the way down to 4 95 from an earlier problem, But now a brand new crash 95 south a couple of miles after Mechanic Street, So one problem after the next there About the expressway. Southwell is just crawling along here from the tunnel to South Bay. And then shortly after Bryant have to the split 26 minutes, Boston to Braintree North Sounds really not bad. Coming in. Just slow passing over Neponset Circle. 93 North found jam from 95 most of the way into Braintree here getting word of a new problem by route 37. 24 South. Pretty bad from 4 95 down to route 44 in Raynham. Let's see how we're doing downtown over the city is the ma free insurance copter. Well, he's had some trouble with police activity north on a massive over the Orange Line T station. That's a medical emergency at the station itself. So you want to stay to the left heading through if you're heading up toward the river of mass have away from the hospital. Now the leverage down wrap is still busy heading up through the sand and gravel plant on the off ramp to the Tobin Bridge and stole drive east of this point is almost back for the Longfellow Christian Act, and they're offering insurance copter. New problem to the north as well. 93 north crawling for a few miles through end over basically route 1 33 off to a crash coming in shortly after 4 95 and in in southern New Hampshire, Ruth three North the effort Turnpike delays continue through national from an earlier crash by exit five miking WBC's traffic on the three. Now a check of the four day AccuWeather forecast brought to us by the North Atlantic States Carpenters union. Here's Brian have increased the clouds for tonight. A low around 40 degrees says yes. Through the day for tomorrow of the.

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