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I obviously have what I believe is the fence of myself, but that being said I have to learn to eat it sometimes, and I'm going to eat it. And I'm going to follow the laws and rules that have been presented upon ourselves and I'm going to take the rehabilitation and stride. Every addict as you would put it is obviously have some fight back is to push back. But I'm going to try to not fight back and push back. That's all. So that's what the bumbling Brooke was. It was me trying to grab my mind it just not Tell everybody why they're wrong. And then just press I would improve wondering is, I'm wondering that part of it is that on Tuesday morning show, you said I will not tweet for the entire series. You hold me to it. You hold me to it. What would be the defense where we are wrong? You're holding me too. So you're not wrong in that honestly, all I mean, when you hear the dinner table conversation, All I would say is this I honestly thought I meant only game one eye even when it's for settle phone alarm to really talked myself into it. I still thought and still was very negative throughout the entire Yankee Games is not me waving pom poms at all. I saw a classic and develop where I would say several people who we know colleagues, co workers. All of that had maybe more tweets than I did on the game. Are they all addicts and all sickness? I don't know. I think that just comes with our love of sports and watching games, and it's almost like a running champ. They they didn't declare on the Radio that they wouldn't tweet. I agree with you. I did not realize or remember that I said the entire series. I really thought I only meant for tonight because my negativity is really about the Shane Bieber matchup. That being said you play the audio. You guys were absolutely 100%. But I can't deny that. I said that. All it was was a slip up If I really had set the alarm again member's member, Shawn, No whole Siri's. I don't think I would have tweeted I I even said to myself before I sent the first tweet out about the Ranger. It's fine. I talked about last night to be bright and say anything about last night. I didn't see the buzz saw coming. That was yesterday. That's a look. I made a mistake. I think to be. I go overboard on punishments. I mean, I wasn't allowed on Mike gets them more than we do Other stuff we've talked about, but I mean, there's a running e mail chain about Okay, well, so I mean, I don't think this warrants three or four punishments at this point. I mean, every one punishment on that's fun. You guys going to do what you want to know. You made it very clear the name the shops on their thought. The more as bogus and D a show, so I get it. And I am just going to understand what you're trying to do here. And goose problem, You know, I mean, just that's it. Breathe depressed. A nice weekend. We promote happiness on the show. Let's get into a nice, relaxing weekend. A nice relaxing target them a fraud and have some fun today. What was that word that you use Goose Favre Gush Robin. It is from one of the critically acclaimed movies with Jack Nichols. Nicholas is it which is the God Nicholson, Jack Nicholson, Jack, Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandlers called Anger Management. And when Adam Sandler has to say, is goose Robin, you know, just relax, No need to yell and scream today. I did a lot of yelling and screaming this week, so I'm just going to use Robin my way. And here we are. I mean, look, we've we've chugged through two segments. Very happy about Brett, ripping by the way and away we go. So just just for the record, I believe you knew multiple voice actors from the All dogs Go to Heaven franchise, but you got C stumbled on Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicholson. I always when the critically acclaimed anger management and I'm really not trying to make a joke here because I know no way avoidance when people have babies and stuff. But I really find it cringe worthy when somebody's names are similar, and they're both famous like to me once you've marked your territory is famous, and nobody should be famous near that. Naming, you know. Unfortunately, I think they kind of came to fame in the same time. Jack Nicholas and Jack Nicholson. We're both kind of in the seventies began to become head Look that you can't help it, but I can't. I'm not going to kick it screamed, I understand is the difference between the two of you can understand if somebody could slip. I mean, that's all. Well, I guess whatever you Forget whether it's Jack Nicholson, who won 18 majors or Jack Nicholas, who started Joker and Batman. You could just say, Goose Father. We know you've got to reverse. Now it's Jack. Nichols. I know that was the joke. All right, All right. I got to the that's all breathe on a Friday, so we're gonna bring him here. How you look okay? All right, well, Andrew bookish, That's our headlines this morning..

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