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I like you. I'm a huge baseball fan. I'm an older fan into every ballpark into the college World Series into the Little League World Series been everywhere. Was very, very fortunate my wife position and got to go overseas. Let's go back to Hong Kong, where she's from Shoutout, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, and after we finished there, we went over to Japan. And I did not realize in October November, I said, What am I going to do over here? Because my wife doesn't speak this language. So Luckily, we got very fortunate that the major league baseball all stars were playing the Japanese all starts. They play them, uh, an eight game series in October November, right? I I have never Met nicer fans in my little ponies are just unbelievable Fan. Unbelievably night. And you know, it's just just just incredible being around them. And then I figured it out. And I've been saying this for 40 years. This will never happen. If this call will probably get ripped, But I'm gonna tell you it's a very simple thing to do. It is so simple, but you won't do it and not seeing you. I'm saying Major League baseball look You guys stop smoking in the stadium. You stop people bringing in cigarettes. You stopped all that smoking, which we thought when when would ruin people coming in the game for the smokers? It's very simple Rich. Man alcohol. That is your problem. Do not allow people do not sell alcohol. It's apart because it makes tough got or weak, people tougher. And this is all your problems. It is alcohol. They don't sell it in the stadiums in Japan stop selling alcohol, and you will saw Almost all of life's problems. That's it. All right. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it. I don't know if that's the I don't know if that's the core root of it. Listen, I I know where Dodger Jail is, Uh, I know where the the most ballparks have a holding cell in a drunk tank for fans to get way out of control. There's fights that break out. Yeah, absolutely. That's why a lot of stadiums will have family friendly sections where you're not going to have any of that. Um, so that's something to be. That's something to be said is. What's your attention when you go? To a ball game. What's your intention? When you go? Are you going to go out there and get blocked and when they get into a fight? I don't know if that's why I would spend $80 for ticket to get kicked out in the third inning, but There's still something else that that I think, and again, I'm not dismissing what you're saying that you know, you do need to have some semblance of, um of order when you go to a game, But there's still this nastiness that I'm getting from fans right now that I just don't understand. Hey, bam! In Virginia, we got 30 seconds Go. You're on CBS Sports radio. Oh, no, bam! Hold on. Sorry. You know what I've got, folks like Anthony. They're doing a great job keeping me on pace here. I don't want to cut Bam off. Bam's good collar. Bab. Hold on, Alan. Hold on. We'll get to your calls coming up. Rich, rare filling in for Robin Lundberg today, this CBS Sports radio No. Thanks..

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