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Fleek as example was really popular a while ago. Is that not cool anymore? Are the kids not saying on fleek? But at the same time, I think a brand a couple of years ago got called out for using it because it wasn't that kind of voice and it felt that they were trying to capitalize on young and black culture without actually representing any of that marketing. So having those active decisions when you're making a copy guidelines is something you can do internally and have it so anyone who's producing copy can be like, yeah, this is what we don't say. This is what we do say. There's going to be some hard words on there as well. There are certain words you just shouldn't put out in a marketing campaign that if I have to spell it out, there's a bigger problem here. One of the things I do is I look for bad campaigns. So I've seen some very fairy, like you wouldn't believe the levels. And even in the UK as well. You got to give me an example here. I know. Don't use any racist terms, but. Okay, so this was a few years ago. And to be fair, the person who published it wasn't a marketer, but it was on the company's website. So it was a gym in the UK. Someone published that their workouts are like 12 years of slavery, referring to the book. Oh, God. Yeah. There's this certain levels that you're just like, I didn't think I needed to add that to a list that I organization shouldn't do that. The one that got peloton in trouble was the husband or maybe it could have been a boyfriend buys the girlfriend who seems to be frustrated a peloton so she can get in shape and feel better and now she's keeping it trim and tight and she's so grateful to him for buying this gift. And I think the message was supposed to be about prioritizing your health and being supportive and maybe it was because it was a white man from an affluent background giving his beautiful white wife bike to go exercise. It kind of came off as like there was an old movie with Steve Martin, the father of the bride, where the fiance buys the wife of blender and she's like, what, am I supposed to be in the kitchen blending stuff? And she gets upset, and I won't defend peloton. Obviously that commercial isn't appropriate. I like it was a bad story as well. I'm sorry. I'm not married, but I would at least have a conversation before they spend a couple of grand on a bike. My wife wanted a peloton. It's funny. She's walking behind us and as we speak. My wife wanted a peloton for her birthday and as I bought her the bike before it was delivered, it was Christmas. And I bought her the bike and then the gift was a picture of a QR code with a link to that ad. And then it was a link to a spoof of that ad, it was like, you know, she breaks up with them. I think there was like an alcohol ad where she's at the bar like sucking down martinis because he was a creep and I was basically like for Christmas. I'm like, this is getting delivered to home, but let's make sure that you don't end up at a bar drinking because you're tired of me. This is what I think you said you wanted. But the story you have there is that you knew she wanted it. That could have been an amazing narrative of how many ways does people drop hints about their birthday gifts. And then eventually you give up and you buy the thing for them. And we've seen that. I also cheaped out and I bought what we call a peloton, it's an Echelon, and we have a TV, so we use the peloton app, but it's a different bike anyway. So one of the things I want to say about existed boxing as well. It is this more authentic aspect. It is looking at stories that are a little bit more realistic than it is just, oh, a wife and a husband or a happy partnership, they're going to just buy each other gifts and not have a conversation about it. Come on. Yeah. I felt like it was ironic that a year later I was buying my wife a peloton or an exercise bike. And I was like, I'm going to get in trouble for this somehow. I'm now a stereotype. Let's try to avoid this. Anyway, Joanne, I had such a wonderful time talking about this. And honestly, these are normally conversations that can be very difficult to have. I appreciate you coming on our show. Obviously representing a diverse background helping us be a little bit more diverse in our speakers set. But more importantly, helping marketers understand how to be more inclusive in their marketing strategies. It's something I truly believe is important. Thanks for coming on and being my guest. Thank you for having me and one quick tip I want to leave for everyone that they can all implement. Fire away. On all social platforms, you can add alt text to your photos and gifts. And that's a good way to engage with disabled community and have them access your content. You can start doing that today for free. Good tip. All right. Well, thank you. Something actionable to leave us with, and that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with Joanne Boyce, the founder of arima and co. If you'd like to get in touch with Joanne, you can find a link to her LinkedIn profile in our show notes. You can contact her on Twitter, her handle is Joanne Boyce. That's be a YC, or you could visit her company's website, which is arima company dot com. ARI MA company dot com. And a special thanks to HubSpot for sponsoring this podcast, whether you're business started last year or if you're filing for an IPO tomorrow, the HubSpot CRM is ready to scale with your business, no matter what comes next, with smart content optimization that helps you invest your marketing dollars where it counts an SEO tools that put your business ahead above the rest, HubSpot will help your business grow better. 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