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Mexican herb chia explodes with luscious springs of green when water creator Joe put dot credits the idea to his home in San Francisco and an agent at his ads firms of butcher of the name ultimately leading to its famous jingle chip chip chip chia heard appears on television commercials well into two thousand tens the toy was even included in the new York times a time capsule it's a toy toy I don't know if I would call that toy it's no more toy than a like an ant farm is a toy seven eight four did you wasn't like I was going to have an informed it was pretty cool actually how many chance roughly I don't remember just look but a great many yes all right a good amount of yes very good amount of means yeah I thought I I remember thinking it was really cool yeah very jealous of the ant farm yeah yeah I know they're very it was it was cool so in nineteen sixty three Harvey ball drew a smiley face outline with a circle in filled with yellow for forty five dollars to liven up buttons and badges women if Forrest Gump invented at stop with this inventive it yeah he also drink so many Dr peppers and you had to go the bathroom when he met JFK or whatever he met John Lennon and Yoko Ono to.

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