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Rare diamonds up to ten carat all shapes at diamonds direct jerren road jim zoki wbt's jim 546 euro wbt talking politics this morning in the headlines republicans win not one but two seats and special elections one in south carolina the other in georgia south carolina seat what dirac he'll businessman ralph norman winning over archie parnell's expected because all we got a quota vile and loves to the reaction from norman will chat with him later hero wvtm twelve and a happy four six a newsflash hospitals are full of germs if you check into a hospital the sad truth is you could end up getting even sicker so in the constant battle on what to do about jurors some hospitals locally trying something new to kill the bugs dinner lurking in patient room is the sound of the star wars lightsaber some local hospitals are using lightsaber of sorts your might say to kill deadly germs in rooms and operating areas because just spraying disinfectants does in fact haas spital cleaning crews often miss anywhere from thirty to fifty percent of surfaces when they clean rooms meaning all kinds of potentially deadly bacteria left behind such as merson germs that can live for months infecting people so the star wars approach you might say is using ultraviolet longed from a robotic device factually doesn't make any noise made by corex the uv light what it does to disrupt the dna of organisms and when it does that it kills the oregon anthems pan gill.

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