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Stanford university also have a new book out called getting more of what you want your master he go she asians and i think that a lot of listeners they really only realiser negotiating two major things at home sales job interview were salary and you touched on both of those in the book one of the major hurdles people in the air the negotiation changes she's and that battle is characterized by i'm going to try to get stuff from you that you don't want to give me minded try to keep you from getting stuff i don't want you as soon as i view negotiation has battled armor up and even if my counterpart doesn't have that view of negotiation as soon as they see me all armored up and ready for battle they get armored up and we have a economics with house jason middleton jason kao canas angel investor and the ceo of inside the car which got your fancy right now i am very fascinated with something called equity crowd imagine whatever product yuval last acknowledge barca see you wearing that yes as right the new in your fit bit launched at my audience many years ago launched fast what if you love the first version of consuming you've had multiple versions of this private for a republican you said you know what when i bought it there was a thing that said on august i we're going to south ten thousand people a hundred dollars in equity in the company the company was worth ten million dollars raised a million bucks that way to fund that watch the next generate rachel watching you might say why spent two hundred on the watch about one hundred two get some shares those shares triple i got the watch for free or if it goes 10x i got my whole family watches and if it goes a thousand acts i.

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