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The european court of justice has recently ruled that 'romania which doesn't recognize same sex marriage hus to grant residents to the american husband of a romanian citizen and the validity of the marriage which was conducted in belgium the has ruled over remains protests that the term spouse in e you legislation is gender neutral on today's monocle daily andrew moolah spoke to the reporter skillet in romania it's been a reasonably big story obviously among certain sectors of the population among the lgbt community among civil society and this has been an important case less so in other sections of of society but it's it is really being seen as an important victory for lgbt rights groups across across europe across the eu how much of a voice today have in reminder i guess what i'm asking is wide reminders government dig attains in well it wasn't just remains government in fairness this is a verdict in a wait for a long time as you mentioned many eu countries have recognized same sex marriage or civil unions twenty two of the twenty eight countries have recognized it but remained is one of six has not legalize same sex marriage so this is a an issue in all six of those countries that people who have been married outside of those countries who are coming.

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