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Back because they talk to. You know that God I look that Prescott is going to have the better year individually. Okay now I mean he's what twenty seven don't matter we played all. He's not gonNA get worse and Tom Brady. At forty three is not going to get better at best. Probably stay the same. Maybe slightly better twelve game. Also you tell me didn't. Wasn't Tom Brady to quarterback one more in the league. How great their defense? Which player quarterbacks better individuals season Dak last year threw for more yards per game by fifty four yards? We're getting more touchdowns better. Qb are better. Completion percentage. That's going to be the case next year. Now if Brady gets in the right situation maybe it's New England and they add some skill position players. Maybe it's Indianapolis Tampa Bay. Whatever the chargers he might win at a higher Clinton back. I think the cowboys will be good. But you'll probably be on. The team is really good too. So if you're looking at winning maybe Brady will have go further but individual season. I think got now he do make a good point. You're over here rob. If somehow the Patriots get Greg Olsen at tight end in. Aj Green of the Bengals as a free agent. Brady's numbers would be better but Tom Brady was not a top fifteen quarterback in this league this year by any statistical measure. You can look at whatever you want. He was not a top. Fifteen quarterback Dak had his best season in the league again. I don't know if you buy the stats. You like to win. Loss record stuff. I feel I need to support all only because he was two and seven against teams. Five hundred or better yet but to visit. So this defense wanted nothing to do with just. You can't bring out quarterback you'll know what to New Orleans New Orleans didn't even score touchdown and be gap Prescott and did not have a game there tolerated. He will no doubt sell. There's one for examples receiver to be on the field against Philli. Was I was Amari Cooper out there every cooper..

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