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And I just remember feeling like they were the next big thing for a minute mini was popped off like three hits in a row, dude. I mean like we were talking earlier about the fault. I feel like in that that was kind of Nickelback thing I feel like they had it on lock. And it's. Tougher any bands. What kind of music not gonna last forever? That's the thing is that that music stopped existing entirely. It's not just them or any band. It's just like for whatever reason new music like this doesn't really have a home anymore. Limp iskit? Now, what who they really stayed around? People are saying that. Not. I love, Freddie. But so the newer stuff spent just a tragedy. We got the report a few months back west says back with the band, and that they were working on new music. Did we interviewed wasn't ninety seven x back today? I mean, he I don't even know how he gets back together with Fred Durst. He just looks like he despises them. I wonder what could touch like modern music fans, even young kids that limpest it could do they could get into getting actual hip, hop artist to be on tracks and change their steer away from rock. I love the biscuit if they ever come around. I will see them live. But there's not any it is it's it's over. There's not going to be Olympics. Get resurgence if that's what you're hoping for. I think you are very right being a little. Hey, I very right. I'm not being a at all. I I know. I know what's happening. I I understand the landscape. I don't think people are clamoring for limpest back on the one five. Does it need limpets? They got of 'Grande. Well, I'm just saying. So let's just throw out some names there. And I know you don't like this. And you're only gonna laugh at me. But you let's say limpkey comes out in their first singles at track with machine gun Kelly, and they got you know, somebody else in the mix too. Okay. Then they'll pay play LaPierre days for the rest of their life in Michigan John out machine gun Kelly. What is that what I'm just saying machine gun Kelly, whether you want to respect or not is a notable current name the guy's making movies. The guys got hit albums the guys feeding with Eminem. I'm just saying somebody with a little relevance to kind of give them a little boost they need, you know, what kid rock Sheryl Crowe, Fred. Durst would need that with Katy Perry Taylor swift Carrie Underwood. He would he need something. Like that. Who is that woman, Katy Perry? I don't know somebody that is really trying hard to make it has not made any money in the industry yet, by the way, speaking of Kerry Perry did you see the pictures going around of her. Yeah. People are saying she got a new face. Yeah. In I don't know. Well, the hair is the biggest dish nation. What's hot Hollywood? It's it is very hot. I I've always been somebody who thought Katy Perry was like probably the hottest chick ever for a period. And when she shaved her head. She became dead to me like she literally does nothing for me anymore but the hairs back. She's looking good told me specifically that she looks like a boy. Yeah. And I don't like poise. Okay. For sexual. I understand. It's it's totally. Okay. Yeah. I don't know looks at a Katy Perry looks great. She's always look, great, John. She doesn't look like a boy got a great face. Thanks grab live. John housing starts off with a is never. I don't even low hit rates risk that. I'm not willing to take right now. Just a minute enough. Trouble. Give decorous go ahead. Recos? I am concerned. What's up, buddy? I'm really concerned by something. You said that you back to the station just for ice cream noble. Here's the thing. I got the capital tacos that was my that was my Easter day lunch. And then the plane was public closed. I said we'll hit up winn-dixie, and we'll just get something light for dinner. And then the winn-dixie is right next to the station. So after I got my ribs from the parking lot. I said why don't I go up there and get my ice cream from the freezer. I'm just really concerned for Uber. You freak off your concern about that. Then you miss what John dead when he when he went off Kito this week because it was it was it's sad. I I heard every bit of it while the eggs everything but going back office fridge for some for some some ice cream. Just really gives me some pause there. John how are we ever gonna go rollerblading together with frequent I have been planning some sort of date that will include a rollerblade sash Jim says an lunch, and I told him that I was not like physically able to be the man that he wants to be Jim sash guy. Yeah. So I said like, maybe I'm more fit for just a lunch now. But you know, I it's all about balance. I got right back on it. Come Monday morning Frigo. And I feel great right now. I don't have a carbon my body I'm heading to the gym tonight. So my body is going to be taught and ready for you. When when when the time comes. All right..

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