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The day was February fifteen seventeen ninety six. John Caesar who had the nickname black Caesar was shot dead. After escaping his settlement in Australia. Caesar was a Bush ranger. In fact, he's thought to be Australia's I wish ranger Bush. Rangers were convicts in outlaws who took to the Australian Bush to avoid capture and punishment. Not all of them were violent, but Bush Rangers did become known as bandits who robbed stage coaches and banks and killed people. Many people came to romanticize Bush Rangers for their rebellion and anti-authoritarian them, but Caesar only had a reputation for his theft and pinton for escaping his confines in the late seventeen seventy s English captain James, Cook, tarted eastern, Australia and claimed it for the British crown dubbing it New, South Wales. And soon after the British began colonizing New South Wales in January of seventeen eighty eight the first fleet that had left England. The previous year arrived at botany bay on the east coast of Australia. There are likely several reasons for the move. Britain's population was growing it's prisons couldn't accommodate everybody who was sentenced in America was no longer accepting transported criminals. And the land was prime real estate for Britain expand the empire set up a base in the region and claim the territory against other places that might cloth for that possession. Regardless of the motives behind the Conan's ation Britain sent eleven vessels in the first fleet, including fix transport that held hundreds of convicts the plan was to put the convicts to work on government farms. When the British realized that the land at botany bay wasn't sufficient for their plans, they moved north in a stabbing. A penal colony in port Texan at Sydney cove, John Blake Caesar was one of the convicts who were sent to New South Wales in the first fleet. Caesar's exact ancestry is it known. But it is known that Caesar was of African descent Caesar was possibly born in Madagascar or America as one historian notes, but he later moved to England and became a servant. In seventeen eighty six when he was somewhere around twenty two or twenty three years old John was charged with stealing money and sentenced to transportation or banishment. To a penal colony for seven years he was imprisoned on the ship. The Alexander and sent away to Australia in seventeen eighty seven. Caesar was described as a hard worker, but troublesome. And so we're many of the convicts who's lived in harsh conditions in a struggling colony among indigenous peoples who were not all welcoming of the British immigrants in their problems. In April of seventeen eighty nine. China was once again tried for theft at the criminal court. But this time he was sentenced to a life term of transportation that meant he was destined to live out the rest of his days in subjugation in Australia. So Caesar fled and took refuge in the Bush or as Lieutenant governor David Collins, put it at the time Caesar head quote, take into the woods with some provisions an iron pot in a soldier's musket, which he had found means to steal. Caesar was soon caught in sin to work at garden island in chains. But that wouldn't be his last getaway Caesar was a character for sure a fact make clear by contemporary descriptions of him Collins said the following about Caesar in his book an account of English colony in New South Wales. This man was always reputed, the hardest working convict in the country. His frame was muscular and will calculate it for hard labor. But in his intellects, he did not vary widely differ from a brute his appetite was ravenous for he could in any one day devour the full ration for two days to gratify this appetite. He was compelled to steal from others in all his thefts were directed to that purpose. He was such a rich in so indifferent about meeting death that he declared while inconvenient that. If he should be hanged Hewitt create a left before he was turned off by playing off some trick upon executioner. That same year fever was allowed to work without chains. And he escaped in a stolen canoe with a gun. He tried to make do in the Bush by robbing gardens threatening aborigines and taking their food, but the aborigines ended up spearing him and he returned to camp in early seventeen ninety in March Caesar was sent to Norfolk Island where he got land in hog the next year he was given one acre or nearly.

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