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And structures at the sight of still hot too hot to deal with so that's going to hamper our search efforts Gillam says the crews are expected to be on scene the rest of the day dealing with the incident for NPR news I'm Dan Collins in Lexington Kentucky rescue teams are still searching for a fighter jet pilot whose plane crashed yesterday in Death Valley California at national park seven tourists got minor injuries including cuts and burns the tourists were in that area because bystanders are able to observe his pilots conduct low altitude training maneuvers the crash area is several miles away from the naval air weapons station at China link Canadian authorities are scaling back the search for two men suspected in three murders and carbon check reports police have focused their search on a remote area in northern Manitoba it's been more than a week and despite the use of drones canine unit snipers boats and aircraft with thermal imaging technology they've been no credible signs of nineteen year old camera cloud or eighteen year old briars Makowski police say their investigation will continue but the bulk of the resources are being pulled out of Gillam a small community more than six hundred miles northeast of Winnipeg investigators say it's possible the two suspects are dead Dan carpenter reporting on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average is up two hundred eighty three points or more than one percent you're listening to NPR from KQED news I'm Brian white sand as a labor and social justice leaders are making a push to get the city election reform measure on the March ballot K. Q. E. T.'s Peter Jon Shuler reports activists are starting to collect signatures now to qualify the initiative which would ban city contractor developer and landlord campaign contributions to mayor and city council candidates it would also move the mayor's race to presidential election years Richard konda is the executive director of the Asian law alliance right now the city government is being kind of unduly swayed by the special interest money and we really want to have the people be able to have their voice heard but the chamber of commerce is already pushing back president and CEO Matt may hood says it's ironic that a measure to remove special interest money from city elections exams contributions from labor unions and other groups I'm Peter Jon Shuler KQED news California is limiting full contact practices for youth football teams in an effort to reduce.

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