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Now you'll know how speakers the force out. So you already on raises phone you streaming. Now your halo all that stuff on here. It doesn't feel like cheating experienced in some of the vices. You've got better audio. You've got a hundred and twenty her display to add is that's why. Like for me, I went. Okay, as a gamer, this is cool because now not just what they do. Somebody else's validated it, even though they didn't think about it. And, and also this goes to the point and in our in my own weekly voice talk about this myself. Sam or the way it's also called the weekly with the. We talked about how they is a need for niche device. Absolutely. Because allergic point because the idea of all around premium does not make sense this again, phone right now, some would would say the fee is the creator phone rated for vote. And everybody was saying, they know nine is the the workers in professional key to in. Others phone. Exactly. Yeah. So, yeah, the the, the many different devices out there that follow a niche, I see your face. Let me let me. Let me give you the reason why that's true. Michael Fisher brings a key to with him everywhere just because when he decides he wants to type something, he takes it out to do it. I still type faster on absolately. Any virtual key for dude is not about fast talking about so comfort. What is comfortable about tapping glass? You do it for? Absolutely everything else. It's way more comfortable, physical. What are you talking about? I started using time feedback and music, phys keyboards when you were still. So I was trying to agents here. No, let's let's face it. I grew up with physical keyboard. Like I'm generation gotten how how comfortable? No, I'm not saying that they were uncomfortable. I'm saying. Got, I feel the implementation. So you can't expect to bring the the way software Bill the way hard work. He words war ten years ago and just add a couple of gestures to it and expect like there can be better things done. It's been ten years. It's been ten years and I find swiftly to be far more practical. Upgrading hydrogen water. He doesn't want any part of this. No, but and I and I and I do get that. But back to the point of each devices, I completely agree with the end, you know, it's Admiral Morton list. The pixel is the Android users phone, its purest, the Android peers phone. Now that would be the one bliss, six. Yeah, I would. It's under to it's Android phone. Nobody s like.

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