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I think you can. You just need like little triggers or things that remind you of it. It's like, obviously, when I'm having a bipolar spiral, someone can't be like, did you call your mom? I'm like, don't worry about it, but if I'm talking too much, then that's good. And it's funny, too, because I've been on decent tickets I've been on the other podcast and they're like, yeah, you're the longest conversation I ever had. I'm like, dude, I'm sorry. No, no, it's great. I'm like, yeah. I'm like breaking records on everyone's podcast. That's awesome. That's got to feel good. Yeah. It does sometimes. But it's like, yeah, that's my thing. I want to be the long talking guy, but I have to be good too, so that's the other thing. You're good. You're good. You're doing fine. You're doing fine. How do you cope with all this stuff? I know you said you have these little things where it's like, hey, did you call your mom yet? But are there other ways that you have found that work for you? And also ways that haven't. Oh, wow, that's a really good question. I think the comedy is a huge one. Obvious one from this conversation is good. I think being out with friends and chatting with people and just like getting that like serotonin up or whatever everyone says. But with a mixture of like all I have is like up and down. So like I'll text a friend being like, oh, I can't wait to talk with them and they don't reply back. And I'm like, oh, it's like that's kind of like the other side of it. I'm like, I wish they would chat with me and then I get into my own head and I'm like, yeah, so that really didn't work, trying to text this person. So it's funny that you have to do trial and error. But yeah, I always said if I didn't have my taste in music or my sense of comedy, I would be dead. I just don't know. What is your taste in comedy? And your sense of music or whatever. Yeah, I like both though. I like that. Comedy wise, I love Mitch hedberg. I love his little quick witted jokes. Bill Berg I obviously, I remember like, you know what, man, Dane cook on a bad rep, but that's who got me into comedy at a young age. Like, I knew what comedy was, but like, people always lie, like, oh, I was big into George Carlin and all this. I'm like, dude, you're like my age. That was way before your time. But I respect him, and it's funny. I actually talked to Dane cook about getting him out in the podcast. I haven't told anybody this. And me and him have been going back and forth, but like there's dates that just, it's tough for both of us. But the fact that even if I don't get them, but the fact that he replied and was working on dates with me, I'm like, that's awesome. Even if he's gaslighting me, you know what I mean? So yeah, that could be a possibility. So that'd be really cool. But yeah, I totally forget what you said because I do these side quests as well. It's so fun. I mean, I was introduced to my husband was actually the one that introduced me to George Carla. And well, that's not really true. My dad has always been really into the comedy scene..

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