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Him or it's not who we think it is exactly and the reason that I I don't even think that the guy who ever is kicking in and using a ton of emoji and I mean I think the message that you get and it's just like it doesn't look like anything that a guy would check to another yeah I didn't see as much as I use the mo Jeez I don't use them very often when I'm texting other dudes yeah I like it less and less is the laugh cry emoji which I use with everybody yeah yeah it's not that it's like the ones that are like the state winking with the tongue sticking out in the tri state yeah I am not using Winky emoji is itself okay so quick question you have seen these conversations I am only seen the little notifications that pop up on a screen at the top okay but I do know I know the phone number of whoever did you do and how do you know that first when he started getting the messages it was just a phone number right and then I didn't mention it because I I really did think that it would someone from his work which makes sense but then after he kept getting tax from that same number over and over I was like I'm gonna remember this number thank you you might die right yeah actually because part of the number in the address that I used to live out when I was a kid that was like a little memory yeah and then after a while I guess he just mark down for the contact okay so you have this person's number then did you try to call it not because I would like you to.

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