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Strip sack you combine speed with power over the center these disruptive isn't that nice inside pass rush moves he's a warrior he's very just moves you get banned if you look at our guide was quiet in the final three games ever coming back Flatt suspension for you for a little too much about injury not warn about we'll get there for quarterback like you did you can excuse maybe away those three quiet games of the of the year for that reason up until that point he was a dominant Myles Garrett JV on cloudy five Miller Khalil Mack type player that's what he'll be expected be like Joey and Nick Bosa that's not a great player coming at at Ohio state Buckeye program okay version you're talking about you know lining him up over the head of the center shall we had Larry Michael voice of the red skins on and the other day for our mock draft Larry and that you know the forty nine I never seen a team with five number one picks in their in their front but the right skin just added a fourth number one check in their front so he's a guy that you can move around with sweat and pain Allen and caring and I and I just also in the mix so they're gonna have a ferocious pass rush to be sure well you had the position coach John last year we did as well and and from Ohio state is a great teacher and this is an incredible people and when they're talking about he's a strip sack eight six forced fumbles last year six months of time so I mean D. Ford hasn't has mastered that the NFL level but that's a veteran savvy move that you don't see from rookies typically and chase young to me he's hands down the most dominant impact defender in this draft by a wide margin well you can you look at him and he and the cops are today being cloudy and cloudy gets a bad name because of all the injuries and when he came into the league every thought it was gonna be alright all worldly just hasn't been that now we saw him dominate a game against the forty Niners but he has been consistent so when you say Clowney and chase young I think they have physical attributes their similar they're explosive they're athletic but it's kind of a bad name with Clowney but I think chase young is really good I just think he's different than both so we're both to grow up and he was in the family business being a pass rusher he's a technician that's not she's young chase young is is a superior athlete that as he learns could be really scary but he's not Nick Bosa in terms of the way that he gets after the pass of the understanding he has it he just he doesn't like what he does a lot of times just through pure athleticism well you know the G. C. as in G. C. as Jack del Rio our friend with the raiders and he you know he had Khalil Mack and I think this guy will be a better pass rusher initial initially then Khalil to call me awhile to figure it out the Churchill so far the the drafters gone exactly as we expected Joe burrow number one chase young number two now I think the twenty twenty virtual draft will get real so what what is to try to do today St number three orders Bob Quinn trade back to someone come up like Atlanta Thomas Dimitroff I think this is the first of the real pivot points to this draft happen every three exactly I and and I think I think internally Greg I think they're debating you know of one of the safest players in this draft is Derek brown and he's the SEC defensive player of the year he came back for his senior year and he's a he's a great physical player but then he's also great character player and I I just think that even though they they were they were thinking corner you know there has not been a corner go in the top three Shawn springs in nineteen ninety seven that's a long time ago NFL teams personal guys do not like picking corners in the top three he maybe that will be enough to make them go with a big defensive tackle it's Simmons was a guy to talk but I I think it's a drive I have no inside information on the step I just think it makes too much sense to be it is that it's going to be a trade back the pick is in so we don't know if it's gonna be a trade or not but Miami sitting there there's there's a number of teams that have made had rumors about it remember to trade back obviously got I've a trade partner but again I I think you can get a code of maybe at five or six and part of the draft is not only who you take but when you take that player to get the best value can yeah and and bath Klansmen really outspoken and shows Dave Gettleman is on deck at number four with the New York Giants John and Larry about the willingness to trade back but if the pick is Janet I'm not sure what that means because we are in a very different world here and everybody wanted the the best trade offers you know in before we were on the clock so I don't know if the lines are going to go ahead and pick but it will be interesting to see if they do go corner Derek brown is just a whole king man have made he is a monstrous man at six five three twenty six reminds me a lot of Sam Adams and Chad Washington I've had people like them a little more Chad Washington also Reggie white.

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