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Win is coming up at six fifty one we got your tickets our real street fast all right now Meek meal for real for real now. a little bit drug it happens we all the heat texas mom sister i promise them one million dollars yeah komo now it could have been worth it was his mom and his sister said we've all been there what have you regretted though doing while you've been drunk framing only i'll call All righty. it's going to be a hell of a show today to be a hell of a show man probably you got to discuss peace on the internet you see things and there was this video that's going viral of a man who was pooping outside someone's house but the people the owners they had rink cam and everything on video and it definitely reminded me of an experience that i had when i was coming outside my house very similar situation a woman But what is the craziest issue seen outside your door coming up later in the show, and also eight forty five and the big interview today's with trippy rich? hang out with his right now hit us up blaming now man what did you regret doing while draw six two four six eight nine two three eight six six two four six eight nine to meet me at the london Denia. Things we can do. Could find you? Did you say? Teknor applied. Clovis the Castro. With the big hit two can never hit my. Electric side kept pushing this swift size. Contact. How did you do? Never heard rep is dead. In verse is like birds did the word. From third. Got. I I wanna. Swear. Graham. -demia. Of things again. Six one nine. Onto tex. Church. Down south. Little water stretchy, like if my work cafe and his. Thanks. Known pass minutes. I could charge. Beaming. Got your garage. Hey retirement to. Mona's seem in. Denia..

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