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OK, time now to get some money and business news for that we turn to Kelly Brothers and Kelly. Interesting. I was Was reading this article about how Elon Musk put hash tag Bitcoin in his Twitter bio and the currency, Serge. Just searched and it's just a weird. It's another just weird thing about living in today's world, and how powerful these platforms are. Yeah. How powerful opinion folks like you on musk right is well. He also He also promoted some crypto that was actually started as a joke which went crazy yesterday. I mean up like 800%, So yeah, it Z. Sometimes these people don't know the power they have and the damage they could do when people buy in and are not savvy enough to get out at the right time so well. We'll see how it all plays out. Um, just just a few incidents of exactly The mistaken identities caught up in all this in Australia Nickel mining Company of 50% yesterday why its ticker symbol is G m e the same. His game stops, but it's on the Australian Securities Exchange, but people still bought it like crazy. Thinking it was game stop. They mean they didn't even look at the name of it. They just looked at the symbol on Do Robin Hood. Twitter handle went just rent through the roof yesterday. But unfortunately that is actually based in Nottingham Forest, England, and it's the worldwide Robin Hood Society. Having nothing to do with the trading platform market overall, today is a little bit lower. Giving back the gains of yesterday as the volatility continues on some of the trading platforms of the Reddit wolves taking on the hedge funds that continues and what else do we have? Today? I mean, two airlines had record annual losses last year, American Airlines and Southwest, not a surprise. And of course, you have the announcement of new vaccines Johnson and Johnson not quite as effective as the other two but still very effective as vaccines or judged and AstraZeneca being approved in the U. K of by the UK regulator, Here are the real time numbers this morning down down 3 35 30,000 to 67. NASDAQ Down 1 16 13 1 80, the S and P down 40 points or just about 1% gold up 1918 57 Announcing our 10 year bond yields sitting at 1.8%. Thank you. Mr Brothers talked again and a half an hour. We want to get to the latest now, and we've been extensively covering this all week long and there are new developments yet again on this Friday morning. On the E, D D and the money that was stolen, latest now in the more than 11 billion taxpayer dollars stolen from the Employment Development Department. That's the unemployment agency. The amount stolen could top a whopping $30 billion before it's all over, and lawmakers are reacting and we have some reaction for you. Here is the chair of the Assembly Budget Committee. Phil Ting, a Democrat on the E, D D and they've had a long history of significant problems. We've had a number of them of the last few months on every single time. A different issue arises we'll. We'll solve a problem around identification that also in the B of a debit card issue arises. Okay, So the B of a debit card is this. They issued out these debit cards for people who don't have a job in there. They're looking for benefits. How you get your benefits. You get him on this card. Okay, so then they realize Oh, my gosh. All these people have been stealing money. We're gonna shut down the debit cards. Everybody's debit card. Even people who were legit, right? Couldn't use them to imagine. I mean across the board. That's how out of touch they were. On this entire scam. Well, they had no mechanism to check those cards to see who was legit. And who wasn't so they couldn't restart. Hm. Here's Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson. He blames Governor Newsome for not doing more to get to the bottom of this latest crisis. California auditor specifically called out a long time ago, the e D D as ripe for waste, fraud and abuse. The buck stops on the governor's desk. Look, we've known there are problems with the E D D for a long, long time that have never been addressed, but we have. This is a new low. Will be on anything we have ever seen, and we still have not heard a single lawmaker called for a hearing or an investigation. Yet even the feds when they gave out the cares, Money, said, Look, you better make sure that everyone who gets this money is legit. It's legit, and they didn't and now we're paying the price. We've got $1000 winner. The guy's name is Rob. Guru is from Sacramento. I've been texting for about six months. And he's quite happy man because he's been texting into 202 100 to win $1000. And you could win. Just like Rob What the $1000. I am gonna faII down a bill and I'm going to go out and have a fantastic evening of dining Now that the California restrictions have eased, so Rob's going to celebrate, you can win. $1000 is coming up by the way in about three minutes, right here. Okay, listen for the key word. And then you texted into 202 100. All right, We're just ahead. I've got about another half hour left of the cave became morning news and we have a lot more to get through. We're gonna be talking about to a guy who's a data cruncher. This guy's so smart. He's It's very interesting story, and he took basically all of the data that we've based all of our policies on and went back into the math. It's worth listening to. It's a great interview, so we'll have that coming up and your top stories that the day stick with us. There's something to say on your smartphone dial pound 2 50 say, open mic chance for people.

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