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I think i talked with this lab about this. You know how frustrating was it to see. davis mills. Look like joe montana. There and brandin cooks not being the beneficiary of that was that part of the reason is and we talk about this. All the time is bill. Belichick tries to take out your best offensive weapons When when he goes up against you and the best defensive weapons no question for houston was brandin cooks. And that's what we saw chris. Conley and other receivers. You'll never hear from again with career days so i feel like you know despite cook seemingly coming back which by the way the vikings aren't a by i believe next week so we'll get the week off next week regardless Even though you probably won't be able to play madison. This week ron Brandin cooks is a nice little consolation prize. So congratulations on that. It's all about building depth. And and you guys certainly did that here with this squad all right. Let's pitch Let's go with ron. Why don't you take this question sort of dale and boston. He writes as van jefferson. Worth keeping around on my roster. I'm gonna have some by week issues. The next couple of weeks congrats guys that dale and boston. So ron you look at Van jefferson right now. Obviously behind cooper cop obviously behind robert woods but you can make the case if either one of those guys goes down band. Jefferson could be a big beneficiary of the question. Is when you're faced with by week issues Over the next month month and a half whatever. It is How hard you have to work to keep. Band jefferson on your roster. I think he's definitely worthwhile keeping He's one of the players. When i was drafting this year i looked at as being a free square that had tremendous upside if if One of the two guys go down. the great offense stafford is there. He's a definitely a huge upgrade over. Goff so i was really targeting Jefferson at the end of the end of the draft for sure for them..

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