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Tim Benz, James Connor, Football discussed on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show


Your right and in Saint Vincent's case. That was just a whole lot of stuff to have to consider I. mean you might be putting a lot more people at risk if you even if you did it without fans Tim by virtue of just having the team out there, that is a lot of bodies in one place to to begin your school semester with. Right and to your earlier point about schools starting, I know from what I've seen Notre Dame. Syracuse just a couple examples of the top of my head. Where I went where that went that I know are going back August twenty four ish or thereabouts, and then trying to be done by thanksgiving, so kids don't go home. Expose themselves to a different environment, and then potentially bring it back as people already wringing their hands about that time of the calendar being when the second wave might hit, so the words. Jump jump in early while the numbers are somewhat suppressed. Right now. Try to get off to a good start that way. If there really is a second wave, this starts to kick in. Maybe you can get through finals. Get everybody home, and then give people a longer break. To suppress it again and then get kids back to the second semester in. Mid January ish somewhere around there. That's a potential. Now we did talk quite a bit. You played a clip from James Connor earlier in the hour. you also talked about a lot of football, related matters as well including his workout schedule in the off season. That was one point of discussion. Also talked about the mental game that he's been working on here and they're. Getting closer God every day, I stay out and over to Tom relationship with them as his grownup grown every he's cost. Be shown me things. And Give me answers to questions Kinda so that's been a beautiful thing. You're not afraid so mata time asking about mass control Mama Mama Mindset. It helped me stay positive and just God. My thoughts implement to action to maybe when I don't WanNa do things or however may be so You have a relationship with God. He'll take care of of every every aspect or mental physical. You know those those of you with that. And dovetail that what his objectives then to put all that in the right direction on the field for twenty twenty. The win have the opportunity to do that going to training camp. This year team. Especially team we got. Tasted our out last year. Coming back healthy so. And is for the excited put opportunity to win I'm not playing for contract or plan out to get hurt. Plant to win. Simple separate planets solace about my visions of. You know of US and Me being a part of the Super Bowl number seven. Organization so. True every day on watch. I live healthy lifestyle I know that you know will translate to the football fields more good upper. My Body through my note, translate might want to be healthy. And give up my teammates man. We've got awesome. Ear and a year out. Like that so? Both the wind. Look if you are a believer. That contract year's chase players. I. View him as a correlation to Connor into Juju Smith, Schuster but. Those guys if you look at what they did last year. If you look at what they're going to do this year based on the performance of debris last year, maybe a contract years the carrot at the end of the stick that they can chase. Tim Benz sports all morning long for us here, filling in for my pursuit as thanks as always appreciate your time. You Bet. Guys thanks for having me. Mark, Madden, when we return here on the DVD morning. Randy Bamut in the DNA morning show joining us now from one five nine. The EX super.

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