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Between six ninety six and square lake. That's another big project fourth completely closed there due to road construction. And of course, that on ramp closed northbound seventy five at six ninety six James Johnson, WJR, traffic and weather first. There will be an increase in cloud cover from this morning afternoon. Hours of the high hitting fifty six day cloudy tonight with rain late a low forty four ends of scattered showers in a mother's day on Sunday, the high fifty three degrees from the Weather Channel, I'm meteorologist Jeff marr on NewsTalk seven sixty WJR. This WJR weather forecast is brought to you by north Bloomfield properties. Trust him to manage your rental property and enjoy your weekends again. For news talk seven sixty WJR. I'm Elizabeth Crenshaw. Shown Roger classic Dan Peters. And Steve Stewart Gloria has a two thousand one Ford Focus, I insert the key and could not get the key on if the ignition problems with your car, truck motorcycle minivan or RV the solution is just a phone call away one eight eight car show that's one eight eight car show. It's the mechanism inside that actually locked up you'd like to have the ignition Sondra Locke replaced. And remember the car show is designed for everyone. Whether you do your own work, take your car to the dealership or to an independent technician of your choice. I to thank you so much because I learned a lot of stuff by listening to other people's problems your calls and more when he carshow return. Right now Reilly auto parts pickup, five quarts of mobile one full synthetic motor oil for twenty eight ninety five and get a ten dollar O'Reilly gift card by mail. Protect your engine from sludge and wear with Mobil one full synthetic motor oil at O'Reilly auto parts. Better parts, better prices every day limits of life. See store for details..

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