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End bad that's the laugh asked outdoor show at the gallivan of the season i don't know of any others uh i could be it right there uh the tough firefighters chile cook up at the south town mall that starts at eleven so you can start your day with that it's good good caused some are aware has the night a fire jet carshield going on i got a punk rock show gbh and the casualties at metro music hall he ages still yeah yeah yeah uh sunday lock your on on the weekend enjoy your sunday with screening of the thirty th anniversary celebrate the movie wall street at megaplex theaters really thirty years old that i don't think that the kind of movie you celebrate thirty years old greed seems as good as far as as i can tell them monday take a nap won't did you got a year for tuesday tuesday might be the greatest day of music salt lake has ever seen while y you sauna you've got scorpions and megadeath or will be scorer she might be there when i dunno okay world until the negative play sweating bullets bucket had will be at the depot ron insane clown posse the great milenko tour at the complex can't salt lake in one to salt lake in one this is a tuesday night in salt lake needs the doobie brothers oh wait are at the eccles theater mike it's not michael mcdonald's no no i'm not with and if that's not enough it will also be tucker tuesday again so that's the week that's perfume line there's a lot going on you miss the most important which which saturday now that's right i should because your guy will be here yes video imminent it is a geek show live on stage at 50 west hero to 50 west three hundred south which is broadway of course.

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