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Come back from as many as seventeen points down they have put fourteenth ranked Villanova on upset alerts WTOP's Dave Preston is live at Capital One arena with more six fifty one to play in regulation rob six ties five lead changes were locked up at fifty eight points apiece Georgetown trailed early and often to Marco pick it though is help the home team come back he is eighteen points Jagan Mosely as eleven of his thirteen in the second half tied at fifty eight six and a half to play thank you Sir George Mason minutes from tipping off their regular season finale at Fordham hoping to snap a three game slide big game if you V. eight later this afternoon as the twenty second ranked Cavaliers host tenth ranked low level with the ACC regular season title on the line the capitals have a lot on the line in Pittsburgh right now they lead the rival penguins three nothing as we approach first intermission nic Dowd scored in the game's first two minutes and then Niklas Backstrom and Richard Panik adding two more goals late in the first for the early advantage there for the capitals the nationals right now in split squad action Joe Ross starting against the Marlins and that's lead that game one nothing in the second inning thanks to how we can tricks RBI single with Austin both on the mound against the Mets it is scoreless also in the bottom of the second set off the field the nats announced today they are taking for guard the precautions to avoid the corona virus by telling all team personnel to avoid shaking hands and out of an abundance abundance of caution they say will distribute pre signed memorabilia rather than having the items exchanged hands with fans this comes a day after the NBA sent a memo to its teams to start preparing to play games without fans or media in attendance over increasing concerns about the corona virus Robert fort WTOP sports coming up after traffic and whether it's a working Saturday for Virginia lawmakers one forty seven leveraging your investment in technology and software is is crucial.

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