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Lemay Hugh of the eighties in Michael Brantley of the Astros are duking it out in the American leg right now let me you three thirty three and brightly eight three thirty two average same kind of deal in the National League Anthony Rendon on of the nationals three thirty five average but nipping at his heels is the parts Brian rentals at three thirty two Christian Yelich hitting three twenty eight on this season RBI leader in all of baseball with one hundred nine pick up one of four the Braves Freddie Freeman the Diamondbacks Eduardo Escobar the nationals ran dawn and the pirates Josh bill all with one hundred and nine RBI in the American League Rockfield levers of Boston one hundred and four has it by two over Jose a break you of the white Sox and Mike trout at one oh one for the Los angles angels and saves is an interesting kind of a staff to look at saves can be deceiving you can find saves anywhere even pitchers on bad teams get sabers even bad pitchers wind up with saves it's just the way it works in Major League Baseball for example right here at home right so the glaze CSS twenty seven saves twenty seven saves but there aren't many people that would say he is having a terrific season in twenty nineteen twenty seven saves out of thirty to save opportunities but there are also other factors involved as for the save leader thirty six is the best in the American League former red Erol this Chapman has that the leader in all of baseball San Diego's Herbie Yates again this season for every run batted end by Cincinnati's cleanup hitter and in a moment I will have the red starting lineup but for every run batted in by Cincinnati's cleanup hitter rocky waste and recycling is helping keep your neighborhood clean with a one hundred dollar donation to keep America beautiful run grew mind you to do your part to protect the environment and that would be start recycling now that red line up for today leading off in left field Josh van meter batting second Joey Votto batting third Hey he you know any as far as batting fourth in right field iris DD's Aquino batting fifth in catching Tucker Barnhart betting sixty at second base Freddy Galvis batting seventh in center field Nicks and sell Betty eighth at shortstop Jose Iglesias and on the bound for your Cincinnati Reds again looking for his first win over the cardinals his third win of the season and his first win since being recalled tighter valley again van meter vato Suarez's Aquino Barnhart Galvis sends cell Iglesias Tyler valley on the mound for your Cincinnati Reds let's look a big sticks in the big leagues because checks dig the long ball brought to you by on core technologies in by the firewood stayed at last a year or two longer than other decks stains to fly a wood stain dot com right now as we begin this first Sunday in September in Major League Baseball the home run leader with forty three Mike trout of the Los Angeles angels but in the National League Cody Ballenger the Dodgers as forty two Alonso the Mets says forty two Daniella to the brewers has forty one and that the aforementioned a you handy swaras of the Reds has thirty nine and a reminder if you're going to the game today if you're listening to us in Saint Louis or if you're going to the fireworks tonight if you're headed anywhere today on this holiday weekend please choose a designated driver drive sober or get pulled over it's a message from the Ohio department of public safety I got up it email earlier today when I was talking about where the rates need to make upgrades and twenty twenty because they can't roll out the same cast of characters next year it's a Hey everything's gonna be fine don't worry we know it's not the case and I mentioned at shortstop and somebody wanted to know why I was not including Jose Iglesias in that particular conversation because in four hundred and twenty eight at bats Iglesias is hitting two ninety fours on base percentage is three twenty three and he's played well defensively one out there but my answer to that is he's making two point five million dollars is a free agent after this season and when you put up numbers like he's put up even if you wanted to do something preemptively to keep from here it's virtually impossible because it's his first crack in free agency and I go I see this is going to let it play out that's just the way it works now could the Reds make a run at him in free agency try and re Saddam well what else is out there what else is out there and what about Freddy Galvis in this conversation Freddy Galvis has been found money for them it's a short sample size it's only sixty five at bats here in Cincinnati but he's heading to ninety two is getting on base over thirty percent of the time again I think back to a year ago when there was a large and vocal group that wanted scooter genet signed to a multi year deal for years in excess of forty million dollars and I said wait a minute wait a minute don't need to do that for a midfielder and secondly do we really know all your scooter chat is worth that money we now know he was not as the giants just released scooter genet this week Iglesias is that a good year here but will he stay here Willie preemptively do a deal here before his his chance at free agency arrives in my answer to that is not probable not probable and all it's a big day in Major League Baseball particularly in the National League central division let's check out scheduled games today brought to you by next goal plumbing choose approach choose next go and buy brand centers kangaroo with over twenty years as your hometown roofing expert so as we begin this final orders first Sunday in September in Major League Baseball we've got our games today in Saint Louis and also we've got a couple of other good ones Milwaukee at Chicago in a two twenty store G. O. Gonzalez against Pilar chat would keep an eye on that the pirates are in Colorado today and then later on tonight the Mets at Philadelphia that's the seven o'clock ESPN game the pre game show is next on the home of your Cincinnati Reds seven hundred W. L. W. Hey what's up its rally from the Kane show and I just took a little visit to the brand new were modeled Rockville dealership persons kia and they have hundreds.

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