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She's like yes like into my nostrils house like this has got to stop like if we're going to maintain love if we'RE GONNA maintained for love for decades. This has got to stop so I said to him one day like I'm calling junior laundry but can you please unroll your sleeves before you put it in laundry and unfurl your socks so you can inhale your own foot dust and to credit. That was probably like six years ago and he he does it every time. I'm saying I can't like chime in too hard on my man because like I asked him to do it and he he doesn't that's that's that's dedication location right there kyle. You need to pay attention. Ethan Ethan's easy to live with when Kyle and I I got married we were sitting down and kyle was eating a snickers bar. And he has the rapper and we're watching TV or doing something. And he sticks. snicker bar are the snickers rapper in the couch. Cushion Kyle Already Ryan Brennan me and I looked at him. I said sorry. What he says? Does that not go here. I will say that that has changed but kyle also full two socks when he's done using them wherever he's at he's sitting on the couch he takes off his socks. He folds dirty so he folds his dirty socks and so I said just recently if I find these sox around the house I'm going to assume they're clean and I'm going to put them back inside of your grower. What kind of person folds solve them? He doesn't throw them. He told them nicely less if they would look like clean clean socks. It's like when you're like. Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty you guys. y'All that each other all day long or is that just us. We had an incident with the dishwasher. Misunderstanding Oh yeah. Nothing's worth someone. You unload unload a full dishwasher full of dishes at dirty dirty. Yes I agree. So you're yelling kyle. Are these socks dirty or not. nope not anymore. Okay okay I just put him back end that this is back but he does. He does not put them in the hamper. He'll leave them in that area even pretty good about getting in the hamper but he has a a rack that When we opened the door to I shower and toilet area? There's lake sometimes. There's like fourteen hoodies hung. There's three with the hoodies and like that. He intends to wear again sometimes like workout clothes. Yeah eventually you can't even walk through the door so they're not on the floor. That's very maybe we should get Iraq back. Yeah Single Eighty S. This should be skilled assessment. We haven't heard much about Dan. DM's improved vastly. Listen to that guy. Oh teen years allowed to give away the secret. Okay Kyle and our first cousins. So it's like really funny because I know look anyway so deanna and I just perfected our laundry situation. He has his own hamper. That's good but if it's not in the hamper I am not not watching it. That's right there was a story on their elect about it. Let's do it demand looking in they. Dan deleted though Is it the movie. One knows. Milk one O our podcast. We can just mini store all go and read it. Read it in. The milk is nowhere to be found reports husband staring directly the ad jug of milk. So there's actually a picture you want to go. It's just such a universal truth because like even like our a son. Ezra will be looking for the milk staring right at it and all be in there. I'll find it. I'm staring at it like it's true. Destiny put a picture up on facebook once. And she's like Kyle told me he cannot find the coffee creamer and she takes a picture of the open fridge in the creamer is right in the middle like just right right there and she's like who can find the coffee creamer in this picture like total brutally owned me on the Internet. I feel like all of these Bob. llambi articles about the wives kyle rights specifically of things. That have happened in our relationship because that has also happened and then there was one. Remember San Diego. You couldn't find the keys and I said the keys are in the car in the Cup holder and you ran out and he said I looked in every cup holder and I walked outside and he was waiting in the car and I went foot. And he's like where were they they. Were in the cup-holder Well Ethan. You think calls me Pedia like you know like okay. It's so funny. 'cause allies is becoming the same way. Where like if he'll be like like where did I put that whatever you know and then I almost always know exactly where it is? You've ever it is he's looking for texture L. Texture like six hours later in the day wall. She's at work and she'll know where random things laying somewhere I will. I'll say it's like on the bedside corner underneath the you know the side table. He's like why do you know that. Yes such such random things you know. Do you know where this USB cable you know that does. The specific connection action is in. The house doesn't example because she wouldn't know what she does. She throws the cables away. I do you guys. Have the box of tables. Are the box from capable throws it throws them away and I'm like. Why are you doing this to keep that in the garage? Because they don't go out there that's true that's true. Yeah but it's just like the the encyclopedic knowledge of these random things in exactly where they are. And why would you need to know that but then I need to know she knows what you think about the things that we know and they're probably the same thing. Why do you need to know that that's true well? I don't know if we're allowed to say that. Thi Word on the Babylon be podcast. What is it what do you have just saying I can always D- word is T- flowerbed? Oh that's going to be tried to. Just this is going to be the first wife to be flower. Okay because when I will ask Ethan sometimes to describe why is this way as ten. It's because he has flower and I'm just like okay. Can you control your wait. What are those concerning? I'm a nurse. Anatomy is my thing. That word comes from the same root as the word testimony and so it's very biblical word. I place my hand in my right thigh. That's how I swear that's from. The Bible right swears on his album. That's referring to I swear on my on my family my my manhood testimony when you you give your testimony you are dropping. Can we get Cynthia effectiveness. Confirm my my pastor Bible study. We talked about it last time that they just read Beth more books. It bounced studying. You guys to talk about the T-word at Your Bible all study our churches there. There are a lot of older ladies in our church and they just like. Don't care like they're just like oh I'm here to disciple these younger ladies and we're like Oh yes yes thank you. We all church last week. We ended in the pastor. who wasn't he gives the benediction? He's like you know. May God go before you in you. And whatever it is that he says you know me God loves you too or sure. Glad you were here. You know and the worship of just strumming fading out and this Old Lady She's hysterical Audrey and she's like an almost ninety. She yells out. Don't forget to pray for Nancy Antsy Pelosi. She's The lady that like huffed whenever the worship leader tells already stand up he's like all right. Well let's get into our main topic because man this is we're talking of. We're gonNA tell our stories so get ready for romance along vs topic of the week. We like some romantic music there. Colonel Colonel can make a note of what could be Barry White show an order of who got married I We were two dozen seven probably twenty twelve for us twenty twelve thirteen years for a minute to because as we got married on the twelfth or is it always screws me up because our ever. She's five twelve thirteen Disney aniversary wrong and I'm the one who remembers so the reason she doesn't she doesn't get the day right. It's because we should give you guys to. He has birthday. They is January eleventh. No his birthday January. My point and our anniversary is February eleventh right right yes so I always today so I always get those days makes it not the month just the days so we met at. We're gonNA tell her story how we met Etcetera and we met at a Bible study that my cousin was hosting. We would go and preach Do Street preaching like crazy. People do in Santa Monica. Like you see Ray Comfort standing up there and doing the street preaching so we would go do that and then we would go back. My cousins hasn't do a Bible study. She wasn't at the evangelism thing. 'cause she had She had to work but I came back and and it was your birthday. Guess my twentieth birthday and and her and my cousin said hey you know. Let's call in. We'll have taken ice cream for her. I didn't know who she was. I knew Brian Your cousin and Ryan your brother. Yes so she knew she knew my brother and stuff so they call her over. Yeah I'm like I need to get to know this woman and and then I left with another guy to go for a walk true friend and it's a destiny goes. Does anybody WANNA go on for a walk. And she's like looking around you kind of looking at me. Maybe yeah and Sir. You told me this I know she was coming like not that she was like hey to crush on me or anything but I knew everybody else there. The only person I didn't know it's like people you know like hint hint and then my friend Kevin Jumps up and goes. I'll go on a walk with you. And they walked you and I didn't have romantic interests or anything. But he was just a friendly guy. Let's go so they all go on a walk and I'm like Oh man I didn't pick up on it but But then she let me borrow her car a random guy that you just met to go home because I had to leave before everybody else and so I I took the car home and I left a note on the Dash. And I'm like email me. Here's my admin on. AM Here's my AOL AOL address. Yeah very smooth my aol addresses something like punk in Caracas. For Christ it whatever the you know we all had that as early as pay extra screen name. Yeah something like that and so That was it I mean and and then we we started dating and we got married a year and a half later so it was pretty quick but Anything you want to embellish. That's pretty much emphasized. I talked the whole time but I feel like you should know that we talked. That's that was how we met. We talked on. AM Did did we ever go surfing together. No you always want to get up at like five. Am and I wasn't into that. Yeah but I would go but you would go with my brother and stuff and so yeah yeah good times. That's that's our entire story. That's everything there is about Sri Cross. Examine them or anything thing and try to show checks out then. I know you to Dan before I knew. Kyle no I remember. We were having a sleepover which we were. We do back in college days. All the guys will slumber party will slumber party playing video games and stuff one Saturday. One Saturday Kyle wakes up. And he's all chipper getting ready to go somewhere like. Oh you guys want to hang out and do something today. He's like no. I got a date with destiny and I'm like I date with destiny. Wait what are you talking about. I didn't know about person named destiny and it's a date with destiny. I don't think he ever explained to me. I just that's weird kyle and I don't want to mess this up but I I've heard I think I understand is a kyle up much more kind of sheltered and Cherchi like the church upbringing and you didn't quite as much. Is that ever been an interesting dynamic between you guys. I think it really helps with our like in our relationship and our parenting skills because I like I said I didn't grow up exactly like that but like my mom and I watched like the exorcist exorcists and I was like six years old. So I'm like oh about spirituality so I'm like Oh you know of emily rose met my. There's like scary movies so let's let them watch it and Kyle's like you know maybe maybe not maybe not. So we kind of go in the middle and we're like okay like something like let's watch twister twister instead. PG Thirteen which Kyle wasn't allowed to watch until he was like twenty. I saw twister when I turned thirteen. Because it's rated PG thirteen. And that's when I was a lot of watch. PG Thirteen movies your parents. It says right. On the movie poster thirteenth. It's right on the instruction sprint Uncle Brent. Yeah so if I had my way the kids would only ever watched veggietales and so it's a good balance..

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