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I would believe that you had an armed growing machine and so that that obeying where our culture is. It's so ingrained in them that arm. Growing machines are more probable than god's existence right. But that's called illogical irrational and. That's what i'm saying. We have to call those people out on their lack of reason on their lack of proof. I mean it's it's preposterous the idea of materialism because i want my audience to understand this. There are people out there. Laboring under this idea. That science is the only thing that can show us anything running proof. Which is i'm just gonna say flat out ridiculous. It's totally ridiculous. We don't even operate that way in our own lives when you go into a court and you try to find the murderer. There may not be scientific dna evidence. Whatever but you may hear stories from different people. The people are credible. They have a track record. The people on the other side are liars way. And you make the case and you just say okay. There's no doubt that guy killed that person like you know it and how can you prove it. Well it's a court of law so you can't prove it like on a blackboard button. The fact of the matter is this is evidence that is not scientific evidence. This is people telling what they saw eye witnesses and so and so forth. So how have we bought into this preposterous scientistic. Not scientific scientists materialist worldview. When did that come into western culture. I think with darwin. And there's this thing where darwin comes along and a lotta the religious people you know be. Warfield is accepting darwinian evolution from a theistic perspective. But darwin doesn't like that and so he partners with huxley who comes along and says we won't god out of science. And so we've adopted. Something called methodological naturalism which is the idea that no matter what. if we're doing something scientifically it can never point to god. And that's in the dna of how we do scientific discourse today and it creates this lynn's where we can't see the fine tuning of the universe or we can't see that maybe there's a designer at the creation of life right and so we have to attack this philosophically in people play this game where they say. Well i just want scientific knowledge but it cuts you off from all forms of look. We have to be clear if you say the only way to know anything is via science right now. Science deals with the senses so the moment imagination enters the picture and you have plenty of scientists in the past. Said you know what i'm looking at these chemicals. I'm looking at these things. I'm going to posit thesis that this is what's going on. They are already going outside of technically science by trying to theorize what is happening. There is no way to even do science. According to these ridiculous rules scientistic scientists. These materialists are putting out there and these are the same people that say well that there can be miracles because by default. It's like a guy who says a baker and there can be no food outside of baking like it's a completely subjective statement right and we have to call him out on it. But that's why i'm i'm excited about this film. Yeah who how do you see this film getting out there. I mean you're doing this program but how what other ways people able to kinda bump into going into churches. we're going into theaters. People were showing in their small group. But this is the secret sauce of it is. It's a call to send in your proof. My vision is to see one hundred case studies published in the next ten years. Because i want to research this stuff and to start. Melting the evidence up because it's got to be done and it's got to be done at a level of rigor that you know. The world's intellectuals will notice this is awesome. I didn't know that been more exciting. So if somebody has what we would consider proof of miracle Or whatever or doctor willing to go on the record sure where would they submit that information just go to improve dot com and fill out a form and a lot of people don't have their medical records at their house. We help you get them. We have medical professionals that work through that entire process so we take the burden off of people so that we can get the information and we de identify them when we published. So you won't have people knocking on your doors but yeah let me see the hand that you grew in a flower pot. Come on so this. Is maybe the most exciting part of this whole film is that you are using this as a way to get people to send proof. It's just. the title is sent proof. Soundproof dot com. But you're actually using this to say okay folks. We know you're out there. Tell us your stories. We will do the research right. This is pretty cool. I really like this. And when we come back i wanna talk a little bit about craig keener. 'cause i used his books. Two volumes set of academic work on miracles. It's important folks. There is a lot of proof out there. If you care if you don't care we can't help you. We'll be right back. I'm talking to elijah stevens. The website is sin. Proof dot com. Please check it out as in. Please share with your friends. Send proof dot com. Hey folks. I've got to tell you a secret about relief. Factor that the father son owners. Pete and seth taliban have never made a big deal about but i think it is a big deal. I i really do. They sell the three week. Quick start pack for just nineteen ninety-five to anyone struggling from pain like neck shoulder back hip or knee. Pain nineteen ninety-five about a dollar a day. 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