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Like a good neighbor State farm is there. I want to start today with this. The definition of inexplicable is Unable to be explained or accounted for. Can't be understood. Can't be comprehended. No one gets it. I've said many a time before on this program. We need 30 40 50 get understand. What the direction of an MLB team will be. Look at how long it took us for the White Sox. Everybody panic. They started 89. What are they going to do? Now that the best team in baseball now everybody knows what they bring to the table. What they're capable of. Who's going to be a big piece moving forward. Anyone expect Carlos wrote down. Do well. We expect Tony LaRussa. Actually win this many games. Despite his Snapple's was your mean Mercedes Supposed to him? 3 60. It took time. For us to see the team develop and to know what they're capable of. You can't stay in a week. I know. You need time. You need games. You need innings wraps. That's how you determine who's going to be good and who has nothing. Bring up inexplicable. Because that's what the comes are right now. It's been 40 50 game. And yet we still don't know what they are. We really don't have a clue. Everybody, of course, remembers the hitting struggles to begin the year. Everybody under 200 team batting average under 200 it now they have a lot of players, at least at league average. Six players. They're starting lineup. Have above 100 0 PS plus is meaning. Better than the average in the league. And prayer is rhythm. You're doing great Kris Bryant. Even need go Horner and limited time. Has put up a great O PS plus No, the tide shifted there, which is great. Surprising Yes, but it happened. There is another thing, though. I said from the very beginning. Said this back in February. You're not gonna win games when you have five pictures going 90 MPH. Uh huh. You aren't gonna win anything in 2021. In Major League baseball. When five of your starting pitcher, all five of them. Up throw more than 92 93. That's being generous. And I remember the start of the year. When Trevor Williams can't carry ETA even Jack Davies Well. We had a lead the league in wind for a week or two. And everybody said every others back. It's 2015 Marietta. No, it isn't. And now as we sit here today, the lowest deal ran the Cubs is at bedazzle at 4.3 out. That's the lowest er ray amongst a five starting pitcher. Your point Korea and that is high. I'll. Hendricks Is not performing. Marietta Davis. Over Williams. They're not getting the job done. I will give thee comes credit. I can't believe they're two games over 500. With that starting rotation. Answer credit to the offense and the bull pack. Who's down? Amazing, by the way, Remember last year, the bullpen was the issue the year before the bull pack. How all of a sudden it's great. Kimbrough, killing it. Happened to para brothers, Winkler. All of them have done a great job in the bullpen. Well in Naples. It's just inexplicable. I don't get it. Personally, I don't Ever since 2016. There's always been an issue with this team. Hit it. Isn't working, but the pitching's there. Hitting and pitching of there, but the bullpen camp patch can close out games. This year. Pitching was their first couple of weeks went away. Hitting wasn't there now It's here. Bullpens here. I really don't understand this team yet. Yeah. Do I believe? They're going to be a World Series contender. No, and you shouldn't either. Well, that's not hating on the Cubs dance the reality look at their skin. You really think we're gonna go to the World Series? Even the playoffs? I don't think so. But it's hard to piece together. What they're supposed to be right now. I'm stumped. Did a video back in March, and I said The company enigma. You might remember it on YouTube. It was after they signed Jack Peterson. That brings true today, more than ever. They are an enigma. I don't know what they are. I'd love to sit here and say, Oh, for sure they're rebuilding. Or for sure, their World Series contender. I don't know. You know, some days they have the lineup to beat anybody. I'm days. Damn guys performing everyone's on the same page. Contrary Ridge Ridge Oh, by yes. Peter, said Bryant. And then other days they can hit. Maybe there's a good pitching performance, but then Other days. Runs given up. This team is just all over the place. Not just this year. It's been like that since the World Series, but now more than ever It's pretty apparent I mean, we're 45 games into the season. And we've seen Big swings. Big pattern ships and the pitching in.

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