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Run or not really to that point as you say. She does have a lot of name recognition national reputation. She's battled the trump administration nationally. She's known for her battle with corporations. Like purdue pharma if she gets in. What does that do do. Other candidates have a shot of their democratic's candidates have a shot. If she's in well anything. Of course it's possible politics. It seems especially these days. I think you're right. I mean he would be the front runner but look as we know being expected to win. Doesn't mean you automatically win. I mean just ask. President hillary clinton or governor martha coakley about that right. I mean more healey would be the front runner and yet you know the other candidates so that's a given but the other candidates would have a shot against her and i think it would be a mistake to assume otherwise so you have noted that governor baker hasn't said yet if he will pursue a third term at this point is he sort of stalking horse. Though is he. Does he remain the man to beat fellow. Yeah there's no question about that. i mean. Baker is well funded. He remains very popular in the state. He's figured out that secret sauce of running and winning as a republican in deep blue massachusetts and You know it's always interesting to note. He's more popular among democrats than he is among republicans but among the things that are interesting about daniel allen's candidacy is that she's a black woman at a time of historic change in boston. We're about to elect the first person of color to the mayor's office This would follow on presley's election as the first woman of color to represent massachusetts in congress so with regard to her campaign for governor allen. Told me today that it's taken more than two hundred years but we might actually be at a point where leadership can be open to everybody. So that's going to be a big theme in her races. Well so let's jump ahead to the massachusetts. Gop because they're having it appears a bit of an identity crisis of their own right now and it seems that one factor at the core of that upheaval is governor baker and whether the trump wing of the state party is behind him. Is that fair to say. And what does that do to impact bakers chances. Should he choose to run for another term. Yeah it's an interesting question. I mean clearly. The the mass. Gop is at war with itself baker's the moderate he never embraced donald trump. So he doesn't have a lot of support from that hard right wing of the republican party while the state republican party represents that hard right trump base and that includes lots of people who don't embrace baker but baker's been able to more than make up for that by attracting moderate republicans and lots of democrats. So i guess. The risk for baker is that if he faces a strong challenge from a strong democrat. He could lose enough of that democratic support to put him in danger. And that's one of the big fascinating question that we're going to be following in.

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