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Well andy's quest for true love was guided by wholesome nineteen fifties surf rock over in wisconsin a kid named sean was guided by something more bad ass but more on that in a second because i sean was in love i had known heidi for a little over a year and i pretty much was obsessed with her from the moment i saw it was in the lunchroom she walked in and time slowed i just thought oh my god she's so vehicle in the beginning it was a nice friendship but as i grew to like her more and more it starts to become slightly torturous because the conversations are fantastic and you want to expand to a relationship but i'm afraid to go for it at that point it was one of those things where i felt like if i waited too long and then if i go for it i may ruin what i have and so yeah it was push come to shove time i was only get one shot at this so how how do i let her now shawn's answer arrived in the form of the one thing with the power to enlighten amid west boy in the nineteen eighty s the power ballad the image in my mind was of me lip synching this song we never had a chance to love you i'm like oh my god that's that's my situation i've been waiting here and i haven't had a chance to love you that's my message clearly she would get the message like hey i have been waiting and you know hey let's make this relationship ago and just like that sean realized exactly what he had to do to win her heart make a music video i was gonna lip saying two white lions weight and the words you're going to do the heavy lifting i would give her the video and this threaten on the take in the front it would just say play me i just had to make this thing as cool as possible and given that it was the nineteen eighty s cool as possible involved the following five ingredients one gets them state of the art gear so you start to piece together your resources that you have i knew i could go to blockbuster gee we'd give this big bulky be adjust camera for sixty dollars for forty eight hours to hire a top notch crew i would get my friend ride one of my best runs to be the cameraman three where something bad as you know i'm like mtv cool in my mind i have my white pairs shoe pants my grandfather had passed and he had this long like like trenchcoat yeah and i love dad so i'm like boom for at a little hollywood magic i knew i could get the auditorium at our high school we knew how to turn on the lights and i knew i could get like a white spotlight for dramatic lighting and finally five come up with the most romantic visual that you can afford i had this plastic single rose that i bought at disneyworld onto require trip that you put a aa battery and and had a little light at the end and i'm like oh my god i'll be out in the snow wearing my transco at my puffy shirt i'm going to have this glowing rose which is going to be amazing over the course of three weekends and one hundred eighty bucks a blockbuster sean and his friend raj shot everything they needed to win heidi's heart.

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