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WDBO Orlando turns first for severe weather. We'll see a high of eighty eight degrees in Orlando with partly cloudy skies overnight. We'll track temperatures in the mid sixties. From channel nine eyewitness news. I'm meteorologist Cassandra creamy. I'm Daniel Vargas taking a look at the interactive radar right now. There's no shower activity of any kind. It's really nice. Out there getting really really hot out there. It's clear sunny and eighty six in Orlando Orange County deputies investigating a shooting that happened this morning near Rio Grande park, they say thirty four year old jamar Howard was found in the two thousand block of Ludlow lane with a gunshot wound out was later taken to the hospital where he died they say the investigation is in its early stage. But that this was not a random act, and that there is no concern for the safety of the public leaders in. Seminole county are putting a new policy in place for teens who are caught sixteen this policy following an incident at rock lake middle school, also applies to people who get pictures, but don't say anything if you receive it and do not report it immediately. So if you send me something, and I don't report this to an adult or to my school officials or an officer. I could be in jeopardy of being possession of these pictures as well if found guilty, it could lead to a first degree misdemeanor charge or even a third degree felony. If the person keeps doing it students here in Florida may now be able to pick elective courses on the bible a state. House committee approved a Bill requiring all public high schools to offer the course, which they say is to emphasize its role in history rather than teach a specific religion opponents say that this could lead to lawsuits over the constitutional separation of church and state. Governorate's? Scientists has announced that FEMA will be giving Florida a forty five day. One hundred percent federal cost share reimbursement of hurricane for heart for hurricane Michael. This comes after an additional funding. Grant was approved by president. Trump initially Florida was only given five days worth of relief efforts which includes picking up the remaining debris and adding support to the counties that are still impacted by the storm we've been telling you about satellite images of activity at a North.

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