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The world's navies learn how to work together for peaceful purposes i'm delighted that our nation bar china for participation china's actions are truly hostile veterans affairs secretary nominee robert wilkie said that removing the red tape roadblocks to getting veterans through the door to see a doctor would be his top priority if he is confirmed by the senate wilkie told the senate veterans affairs committee at his confirmation hearing quote many of the issues i encountered as acting secretary were not with a quality of care but were with getting veterans through the door to get that care and quote as acting secretary wilkie last month awarded a ten year ten billion dollar contract to sooner corp of kansas city missouri to upgrade electric health records at the va in the effort to reduce wait times but senators on the committee said the implementation could take years wilkie agreed that it will take time to put the center contract into effect and added that the va also has a problem with its schedulers who make the appointments he cited the high turnover rate among schedulers saying the va has a hard time time hanging onto them georgia republican senator johnny isakson chairman of the committee and montana democrat senator jon tester the ranking member told wilkie that he would be taking over a department with a dispirited workforce buffeted by high turnover rates and political infighting that led to the ouster in march of then va secretary dr david schulkin isaacs said quote of all the challenges we have at va morale may be the biggest problem you are getting an agency that has problems that's in need of help mr wilkie there are no excuses anymore failure is not an option and quote senator isaacs noted that congress has authorized nearly two hundred billion dollars for the va's budget and past the va mission act to overhaul and consolidate the va choice program on private healthcare options isaacson asked wilkie what customer service means at the va wilkie responded quote customer service means before the veteran walks through the.

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