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To watch <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> it. Skim money <Speech_Female> Thursday and today <Speech_Female> we want to talk about <Speech_Female> why everyone is <Speech_Female> suddenly on <SpeakerChange> the move <Speech_Female> into new homes. <Music> <Speech_Music_Female> According to a <Speech_Female> new report by the National <Speech_Female> Association of <Speech_Female> Realtors People <Speech_Female> are buying homes at <Speech_Female> the highest rate <Speech_Female> in nearly two years <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> almost half of the home sold <Speech_Female> in December were <Speech_Female> only on the market for <Speech_Female> less than a month. <Speech_Female> So now you're <Speech_Female> not the only one <Speech_Music_Female> binging property brothers <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Female> but what's happening now <Speech_Female> to make people sign <Speech_Female> on the dotted line and <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> try to make their pinterest. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Boards a reality. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Well <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> you might remember that. Last <Speech_Female> year the Federal <Speech_Female> Reserve cut the interest <Speech_Female> rate three <Speech_Female> times which <Speech_Female> means that banks could make <Speech_Female> it easier for <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> consumers to take out <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> loans like <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> mortgages <Speech_Female> and typically <Speech_Female> low mortgage rates <Speech_Female> encourage people <Speech_Female> to open their wallets <Speech_Music_Female> and make a move. <Speech_Female> But it's not all <Speech_Female> open houses and <Speech_Female> shopping sprees <Speech_Female> because <Speech_Female> of our good friend <Speech_Female> from ECON class <Speech_Music_Female> supply and <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> demand in <Speech_Female> this case. The supply <Speech_Female> of houses is considerably <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> low <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> as in the <Speech_Female> lowest since the NAR <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> started tracking <Speech_Female> inventory. Back in <Speech_Music_Female> the early eighties. <Speech_Music_Female> Why is that <Speech_Female> experts <Speech_Female> point to shortages and <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> land and Labour? <Speech_Female> Which drive up home <Speech_Female> prices? Because <Speech_Female> it'll be that much <Speech_Music_Female> more expensive to <Speech_Female> construct them <Speech_Female> so even <Speech_Female> mortgage rates are low <Speech_Female> right now and that usually <Speech_Female> means it's a good time <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> to buy their <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> also causing sales <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to surge <Speech_Female> and supply <Speech_Female> to drop <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> so your dream <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> home may have a higher <Speech_Female> sticker price than you <Speech_Music_Female> had hoped <Speech_Female> for more on home-buying <Speech_Female> head on over to the skin <Speech_Music_Female> dot com slash <Music>

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A new story from Skimm This

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