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The doctor of who rose to fame. Because he's the go-to injector of the kardashian. Sisters at some point. Yeah dr simon orian. He congratulated jeff bezos on his spaceflight and very quickly that was interpreted by twitter as jeff bezos went and got his filler done before his base. Just funny to think that jeff basis goes to the kardashians cosmetic dermatologists. This goes to show filler. Knows no gender no color no creed religion. I would never accuse filler. Discriminating and who it appeals. To say i think that the spaceflight thing is so disgusting. Hate it. I hate. I know. we're not even we're going to edit by omission about that whatever and so. I think that's all we have for news of the week. Let's just get into our interview so today's guest is someone who i've been following on instagram and twitter for a couple years and i'm always chuckling to myself at my phone. His name is louis pisano and he is an american who lives in paris a real life. Emily in paris on might say. He is a writer for harper's bazaar and sort of cultural commentator. He keeps the fashion industry on. Its toes is the way i'll put it. I think he has such an incisive tone and ability to kind of cut through the bullshit the fashion industry while also like celebrating and acknowledging the fun stuff the glamour the glitz he just went to can as a guest of instagram capital. I instagram and he looked at the best fucking time in the world. He wore some insane. Looks which will let him talk about. But he's also not afraid to like talk a little shit about racism in the industry and discrimination and the inequitable treatment of black and brown influencers which is prevalent. Of course the united states but also very much so in europe so we wanted to hear from louis just about louis. And here's our interview louis bassano. So when did you get back from. Can i got back. What's today today's wednesday..

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