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Gray triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three pat unleashed on twitter is louis in utah you're on the blaze high hi how are you good hey i just want to tell the embassador in spanish slowly clarification for him okay we're going to do with her brother all right by most upper to have molest out from data going north military so hopefully you got i don't know what that was but what was that just for clarification for us we are going to protect our our military pretty well sums it up and louis can you add in one more phrase in say this spanish for me please if you could translate this mr embassador putt that in your pipe and if yeah for shit like that should clear it up cleared up there are some clarification for you geronimo skyrocketing crime i think we talked about this a little bit yesterday this is becoming a really big story the baltimore exodus there they have a hundred year population low as you know the democrat control there for the last sixty eight years while sixty four at sixty eight years don't exaggerate four years a republican was chari and he didn't fix it knows for years nope you didn't so they've got crime got high taxes they've got murder and is so there is a mass exit exodus from baltimore maryland which after you get used to it is a pretty great city.

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