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I, I don't know, Greg, what do you think is he gonna go? I think that while he's one hundred percent, why wait? Yeah, talking about the dodge. What what do the do they start with Bellinger leading off again, I think bellinger's in no matter what I think they're gonna do. Yes. So I think he actually started in game two bedrooms. I know yet. Here's the lineup, it's going to be the same one Taylor leading off Turner, but lead off the other night. He will. He will tonight that just for the one in. Here's the, here's the lineup. They used against Miley the first time, Chris Taylor centerfield JT third base, David freeze first-base Machado short camp left Kika second peligro. Right? And Austin Barnes. Catching, that's the lineup they used. Do you think that will be the same lineup? I think it's exactly the same lineup, so no Bellinger. Oh, it was Belgium. Belgium will be in their Bellenger will be in there in somewhere in some way, shape or form. So who's in center KiKi was at second base right at second. So who's at center Taylor Center field is Taylor and right field is Puig's. A left field was left field is camp camp, so they'll probably can't play. Kemp wasn't in there the other. So no, against my lead the first time not I look, I think the dodgers were onto the whole. They were gonna start my Miley on two days rest and we're going to try to flip the bats. That's why Bellinger and Muncie. We're both in the lineup right now. Here's my, here's my issue. David freeze only has five. At bats in the series. And I would like to see him my my big question is by the tiny as they hit a home run in game two pulled back. And by the time you get to Josh hater and he's going to throw it tonight. He could throw two innings. He could throw three innings. If you exhaust the right handed bats, you're left with Muncie. You're left with Bellenger. I'd like to see David freeze stick in the lineup period. He's as clutch e as you can get. I one hundred percent agree with that, but I just don't think it's going to happen. I think this is way they have it in their heads that as soon as the starter, the lefty starter is out that is when he is gone. That's my favorite freeze. When they come in with hater, you've got all there of course, and it makes sense. They don't like it that way. That's why he left after one inning. Again, when after you know, there's a lot of gamesmanship goals. All happening happens all the time. That's why Muncie moved over to first base after they put them in shorts because they knew that Woodruff was going to be coming in so that he could just move our second. We can move right over to first base, so it's going to be. He's going to be taken out as soon as always take our dosier Kiki's been terrible in this series. He has had with five strikeouts dosier. We'll do really pretty ugly strikeouts, but he's also had a couple of pretty good hit. Yeah, he's had a couple of big hits that he did take two called strike threes in this series, which just pisses me off. I think that does is going to be another guy that's gonna come off the bench later in the game that they're gonna use in that situation versus hater later in the game. Yeah, right. So, and you're gonna have Kemp probably taken out of that game Taylor's going over to left and Bellinger and Senate. That's my guess. There's one thing that scares me about tonight. One thing, John, what. I will.

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