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To take a quick break when we come back. We're going to talk about some other things. We're going to talk about a little bit about Luke Voight and Aaron Boone's managerial decisions there. And we're going to talk about the Joey Gallo trade. What's going on there? Stay tuned. Stick around. Welcome back to the yanks goyard podcast. Thomas Karen ante here, back talk to you guys. Something I'd love to have Adam on here because this is where the discourse just gets really good. But we got to talk about a couple of things. A couple of things that are going to affect the Yankees down the stretch, stretch that are going to affect the Yankees in October that are going to affect the Yankees in the off season probably in 2022. Let's start with Luke Voight. What is going on with the management of Luke voigt? Or let's call it mismanagement because that's what it is. I don't know if it's Aaron Boone on the surface you have to blame a boon here. Why he's the manager, he makes the lineup cards. To our knowledge, I understand that largely nowadays front offices have more influence than they ever have. They tell the manager what to do. They tell the manager the matchups to play. They tell them what personnel to sit. That's just how it goes. Is Aaron Boone, that kind of puppet. The Yankees front office claims he's not. So if that's the case, then we're gonna simply have to blame the manager for not having void in the lineup more times than he should. Luke Voight won American League player of the week. It was two weeks ago now. It was last Monday. He was announced the winner of the player of the week. Before last night, the Yankees had played 8 games since he had won American League player of the week. Luke voigt had received 17 played appearances over those 8 games. That's two plate appearances per game. He started three out of the 8 games. And then pinch hit for the other ones or came in, it was mostly pinch hitting. Either way, like it can not be like this. This is the time to start pushing your gut. I don't know what the concern is. I think I don't know if the concern is they don't want, I mean, obviously, one of the concerns is they don't want Luke Voight playing first base, because Anthony Rizzo is much better defensively out there. I understand that. But guess what? Since Anthony Rizzo's come off the COVID injured list, this defense actually looked a little rusty and he's largely been bad on offense, save for an RBI double on a solo home run. This week. So. There is no excuse for the team not to not be able to make room for Voight in this lineup, especially when he was that hot of a hitter. He was hitting almost 500, he was OPS in like 1.2 something. It was absolutely out of this world and he was among the main reasons why the Yankees were able to rip off that 13 game win streak. So I don't know how you reward him with that much. Look, we've discussed previously. We know, we know there's not enough room for Luke Voight in this lineup on an everyday basis. But four or 5 times a week if you have 6 or 7 games in a week, that's not unreasonable..

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