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Choose from over six hundred fifty vehicles at the Ziggler auto plex minutes from downtown north Bergen Schomburg visit Ziggler GM Buick dot com in mony the pilot on route fifty seven mony Manhattan is selling gas for two ninety nine a gallon in downers Grove the speedway on Ogden Lindley as gas for three oh five if you see a great gas price and give us a call let us know three one two four zero nine four two seven seven WBBM news time five thirty eight traffic and weather together on the A. sponsored by the Berman auto express store appears lore of on rain moving into the metro area now but it's not severe enough to cause any backup seeds in nineteen minute trip in either direction between like cook in the Kennedy Kennedy twenty in and out of downtown from here ten minutes back and forth to the instruction suppressor outbound the city a couple of minutes Eisenhower sixteen to Mannheim twenty nine to three ninety thirty three and from three ninety twenty from Mannheim you're slow into the downtown area the Stevenson's alright that's a half an hour trip in either direction between three fifty five in lake shore drive twenty minutes back and forth to the tri state tollway much further south the northbound side of I. fifty five is heavy passed Lorenzo to Blodgett and as a long term of road work project outbound and Ryan all clear fifteen minutes out to ninety fifth street in bounds backed up a little into downtown and a twenty minute trip I fifty seven fifteen minutes in either direction bishop for fifteen minutes outbound twenty two inbound with the back of from simply to the steel bridge lake shore drive southbound slow approaching Chicago north bound just type through Grant Park in approaching Chicago tristate Jane Addams Ronald Reagan veterans memorial of three ninety tollways all doing okay no big problems on route fifty three or I eighty traffic moving at a good pace of northwest Indiana I'm AT ninety four I. sixty five and the Indiana toll road south shore south shore Dr is black near seventy seventh with the police activity consider exchange or gates Boulevard traffic is sponsored by the Berman auto express store the new Berman auto express stores the expressway to buy your next used car one hundred percent online just select your used vehicle get instant upfront pricing they'll deliver it right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign see over five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM W. E. B. B. a Bacchae whether showered heavy thunderstorm in some areas the CBO stay warm and muggy to die those seventy two very warm.

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