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Ensuring. The health and safety of all American athletes and today marks the third hearing in our, ongoing investigation I'd like to. I acknowledge that the incredible statement made at, last week's Espy awards watching over one hundred survivors take the stage to accept. The Arthur Ashe. Courage award if if you haven't had a chance to see that ceremony on courage to do so the actions these brave. Actions of our young, athletes who shed light on, their painful pasts have invigorated a national calling for change and I'm glad to have so many of them with us this afternoon Since initiating are bipartisan investigation the subcommittee has held to. Critical hearings in which the members of the committee and the American public heard from distinct. Witness panels on their experiences related to procedural missteps and. Cultural inaction experienced within these troubled organizations in the first hearing we heard testimony from four survivors of abuse across different Olympic sports who shared personal experiences about the stomach. Practices that have safeguarded perpetrators have safeguarded perpetrators have both inhibited victims from coming forward and, it prevented, victims reports from coming to light all the survivors we've met have highlighted the institutional failures that have allowed these heinous, acts to continue which we recommit ourselves to fixing my being here today once again i'd like to echo my appreciation for those survivors in the many others who spoken to us and to our staff regarding their painful experiences their insight insightful recommendations on what needs to be done to correct these failures are certainly appreciate it and continued to be considered as this committee works toward thoughtful and lasting change in the second hearing we called on former u._s._a. gymnastics c._e._o. steve penny former women's program director of u._s._a. gymnastics rhonda fain and former michigan state university president dr liu and simon to provide testimony and answer questions on how rampant abuse that took place in the hands of nassar was able to perpetuate for as long as it did i would also like to note that scott blackmun the former president of u._s. olympic committee and martha karoly former national team coordinator for u._s._a. gymnastics were invited to attend but declined for medical reasons there were a number of significant details that came to light from the questions posed in that hearing including u._s._a. gymnastics mishandling of critical medical records lack of communication to in within michigan state university related to sexual abuse reports against their employees and most significant complete lack the complete lack of cooperation demonstrated by mr penny refusal to answer questions from these findings along with continued analysis of lengthy documentation produced by u._s._a. gymnastics u._s. olympic committee and michigan state university we continue to pursue answers to many serious questions remain for the current executives of these organizations most importantly we expect to hear today which aspects of their systems and cultures have changed and how they plan to implement serious reforms moving forward joining us today as mr john england interim president of michigan state university ms susanne lions the acting c._e._o. of u._s. olympic committee miscarry perry president and c._e._o. of u._s._a. gymnastics and mister show chair of the u._s. olympic committee athlete advisory council is my expectation we will receive full cooperation of today's panel answering the subcommittee's questions to the best of their abilities We are also honored to welcome the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary committee, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Senator Dianne Feinstein of California to the, subcommittee to provide opening, testimony given their, leadership and work with chairman thune of the commerce committee. To, enact the protecting young victims from sexual abuse and safe sport authorization act of two thousand seventeen let me also add the ranking member of. The commerce committee Senator Nelson their testimony today we'll be invaluable in helping this subcommittee further raise. Awareness and, identify solutions that will make a difference we have explored US center for safe sports in our conversations and we appreciate the role that they do and may play let me, thank you Senator Senator Grassley and, Senator, Feinstein for, your efforts in this regard in the past and the time you've taken to prepare and present your testimony today I conclude my opening..

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