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Simulators where in fact in the future especially on performance based examined what we call performance based assessments such as the Sinaga for maybe that in fact The the credentialing examination is performance on the simulator That's something that we're looking towards the future where you would go to a Sim Center and actually you perform some modules or procedures on simulator during that in fact we'll be your credentialing examination. Oh Yeah that will be neat so talk about the need for partnerships and the alliance is is that Intel ethos could be considering or looking down how that would happen. Yeah well one thing that we've learned over the years I've learned over the years and especially since under the intelligence umbrella as we are mobilizing and and coming into contact and with healthcare providers ultrasound professionals and medical imaging professionals around the world. It's a big world out there. And although Intel Yo says one of the larger jour- organizations in our space of certification and healthcare. There is no way we can meet our mission which is again to improve global health through assessments without partnership and alliances and these partnerships and alliances can will will need to be with within the education space space. I do think there's a lot of area where education providers and certification Experts can come together to make Learning and assessment one where they worked together in combination where for instance an individual goes through an educational training training module for some type of ultrasound at the end of it. Not only do you get a certificate of completion for the education but you actually get your certificate your proficiency certificate as well from from Antonio so to speak at the same time. That'd be a wonderful thing that can only happen through partnerships and alliances the skill sets that breadth of knowledge The resources that are going to be needed to really implement a global Global Standard for point of care ultrasound or any types of ultrasound Downer any areas of healthcare is immense and to think that any organization can do it alone. is delusional to be honest and so we are looking for partnerships like minded societies possibly governments ministries of Health For profit companies. That may deal in educational technology or other equipment companies to partner to see how we can put together programs that can actually meet the need for the benefit of the patient in which the patient can be ensured that the person performing an ultrasound on them is proficient and that is very exciting because these partnerships and alliances will just really form a very good coalition of quality. Because what we're really about as quality and We're just looking to do good so That that's really our goal. It's you know if we if the organization grows because we're we're we're doing our mission rights so be but the real purpose is. How can we improve? Patient care using ultrasound in other areas but mainly ultrasound sound. And that's that's very promising. It's very exciting And these partnerships alliances are coming together. People do want to work together for the good and I'm very proud to be associated with that. Well they have it Dale sear. CEO UNTIL IOS and Dell. We really appreciate Asia. You taking the time to be here today. It's an honor to have you on our podcast in your contribution and discussions about patient safety assessments assessments for advanced patient. Care is commendable and thank you very much. Well thank you.

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