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The end zone he's right the city has attended fine trying to find an open receiver in the end zone there were not the only one under the recipe was talking with a sock on that one interesting where the first big defensive ball play of this game is come from Jim stocky remember he's the one that fell on the fumble against Dallas two weeks ago so Kim's talkies beginning today right where you left off against the cowboys there's a couple I discovered the eleven yard line it is third down the cowboys now third and goal remember operate Levin here's Anderson going back to pastoral the room anyway the card in with play in center field a short center field at time read interviews I'd perfectly stepped in and read it back out the world with a thirty two yard line more than in after the thirty two Williamson threw a key block all the run back that time right here in the San Francisco turns around defensively the forty Niners they correlate got the thirty two they needed a big play and they got it when I say that it's going to be a tremendous platform with their backs to the wall like that and come out there without even giving up three point to make games Lawrenceville hold here to over there on the San Francisco sidelined Lloyd expects I really really better intercepted by Dwight Hicks remember we're speaking of joy Hicks who intercepted nine passes during the year he set a club record run back up two hundred thirty nine yards he averaged twenty six and a half yards on his recent the interception returns this year at that time he got about that much there will have to hold it here during a time out they got now is Mike Huckabee's wide left going on right is pretty solid the running back you know why split happened Cooper has Montana calls the signals from the thirty two goes back to pass throws a straight off the bat he's got a box of forty five he did a thirty eight yard gains about six yards on the play he was tackled by Eddie Edwards.

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