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Sunshine today, we're at seventy five now, NewsRadio WFL a news service of the Allen group, which Abbott wealth advisors. President Trump says the deal could be brewing in congress about keeping the government open. They're working on something. And both sides are moving along. We'll see what happens talking with reporters at the White House yesterday. Trump argued that border security is essential one quarter of the federal government runs out of money again on February. Fifteenth Trump is stolen Manding several billion dollars to help build a massive border wall. But Democrats are not budging in their opposition Trump's demand for border wall. Money prompted the thirty five day partial government shutdown that ended recently Mark Mayfield. NBC News Radio students at the Florida state fair in Tampa today and security is the name of the game Michael golf ski of the Florida state. Fair says today is another special day at the fair county student day. On where we have provided a tickets to all the Hillsborough county school district students to be able to attend the fair. There are some rules kids and parents have to follow elementary school. Students must be with an adult middle and high school students need to bring their student ID with them and anyone under the age of eighteen you attend the fair tonight after six PM must be accompanied by an adult. The sheriff's office will be out in full force along with its community action team those volunteers will walk through the fairgrounds to ensure that kids are safe and behaving. Sharon parker. Newsradio WFL and Largo to women's bodies have been found in a mobile home after a fire in the Avalon mobile home park on US nineteen the police department or calling the death suspicious. Jason car involved in a cigarette theft in manatee county into the crash in Apollo beach at least four arrest. Their heels road avenue say they believe in other robbery it is wanting of cigarettes from me Largo. Convenience stores related. Lamad are looking for a white Toyota Camry in connection with the thefts and the lightning had the day off to think about their one nothing overtime loss to the blues last night the Pittsburgh Penguins. Visit the bolts at Amway arena. Tomorrow night is radio WFL. A we'll have it for you live four. Now, the Bloomberg market minute being brought to you by the Holland group. Retirement wealth advisers are extending yesterday's mosses. The Dow Jones industrials are down two hundred sixty three points. The NASDAQ is down forty nine the S and P five hundred is down twenty negotiations over a border security deal are expected to continue over the weekend in Washington, lawmakers hope to come up with legislation to avert another government shutdown. Cody shares.

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