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Tell all radio news time is twelve oh three good afternoon i am jacked taylor an employee at century peters told police that he heard footsteps running up behind him last night and fell what was like a knife work something sharp to the back of his neck surgeon poke grimaced in says the two suspects walk the victim behind the counter where they demanded money out of the cash registered a victim to not have any injuries they did that it was with burns and station in the actual fell short thought was nine for some sort of only the employee complied with the order and the suspects five with an undisclosed amount of cash state housed execution committee today defeated a bill that would have dropped the sales tax on food bill sponsor democratic representative ray ring never million says south dakota sales taxes are aggressive making it possible for people who are already living right at the end to maybe for another pound the hamburger or another guy on a milk marks cause knee with the bureau finances south dakota and us tax is low compared to other state that broad based which includes taxing food is the reason we continue to have a little tax free policy of our states he doesn't use texas and is that ever on pace a little their fair share right encounters the porous twenty percent of south dakota space a higher tech burton biggest pointed people lotta be allowed to carry guns into the state capital representative larry wroten pushed the emergency alarm to see i'll on that took security to our i've been revolver all that it's it when seconds count please for only minutes away i thought maybe that would be different in our situation rhoden says it to the security five minutes to get there but i would patrol colonel craig price says when the alarm was pressed security was properly notified in twenty five seconds a supervisor watching the video monitoring system saw that a plainclothes armed state.

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