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There's a whole camp up there at the time it like denver yeah a couple of find out let's find out from all of our town is really quick alexa how tall is mount everest w they're gonna now the young model is sharing or story in hopes that others won't make her same mistake how many people does she think she's like a scene i'm model work kind of model ishida and you came up with you just gave me the best idea ever for dump people town is yet we create a dumb alexa is her name davis brittany and you ask her ed like britney hotels mgm on average about yay does torture excelsior with books should i know dumb alexa brittany did you every on alexa brady a dumb alexa brittany bray is i as brittany it's bread me hey dumb alexa its rodney how many miles is it from my house to uh to new york city all away that's the whole way that's the whole way as ready dumb elect the israeli see what cat looks like wither fucked up i tend to wake okay karen aim to hear anything wrath cat now oh that sites part of it feels like that's what she intended let me be straight up uruguay blue eyes but the whites of rise were operable you'd be like dude was although no way ahead walkaway in oppose shared several thousand times on facebook gallagher hopefully related who is from ottawa ontario elaine howe attempt to tint the whites of her i.

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